What are the main equipments for digital prepress?

The main equipment of digital prepress includes input, processing and output of images.

What are the image input devices for digital prepress?

The main input device is a scanner (Scanner), which is used to convert photos, slides, or hand-drawn originals into digital data. Can be divided into two categories? Flatbed scanners and drum scanners, the original frame of the flatbed scanner is flat, compact, and uses CCD (charge coupled device) as the photosensitive component; the original frame of the drum scanner is transparent Acrylic roller has a complicated structure and uses PMT (photoelectric frequency multiplier) as the photosensitive component.

With the development of CCD technology, there are various series of platform scanners on the market, from low-priced black and white scanners to high-priced professional color scanners. Professional platform scanners are usually cheaper than traditional drum scanners. But they can get similar quality when scanning.

What are the digital pre-press processing equipment?

Mainly computer systems (ComputerSystems), it has two kinds of Macintosh and PC, no matter which kind of calculator is selected, the speed of the processor must be the fastest, you can also consider buying dual CPU models to speed up the processing speed. MAC can choose G4 or G5, PC must choose P4 or more, and built-in USB interface; 1GB or more RAM, display should choose high-end products, hard disk drive should be as high as possible, additional DVD disc, MO, UPS, DiskArray Other ancillary equipment must also be complete.

In addition, RIP (Raster Image Processor) is used to convert the page description language (PDL), such as PostScript, into a signal that controls the output device, so that the output device can output the file according to the description of the page description language. Convert to point correspondence mode, and then drive the output device to irradiate the film or photo paper with laser to form an image in the form of laser dots. RIP can generally be divided into hardware RIP and software RIP. The output devices can be various color or black and white laser, inkjet, thermal transfer or sublimation printers, as well as imagesetters, positive image recorders, etc. PostScript has It is the current standard for exporting files.

Hardware RIP: store the RIP program in the ROM of the calculator, which is specially used to process a large number of complex materials. Its hardware architecture is the same as the calculator, equipped with CPU, large-capacity RAM, floating-point arithmetic unit, and dot generator Accelerator cards, hard disk drives (storing Chinese and English fonts), etc. The entire hardware RIP architecture is specifically used to perform RIP functions.

Software RIP: Software RIP is a program that can be executed on a general-purpose calculator (such as a personal PC, MAC, SUN, etc.). It is stored in the calculator in the form of software. Like the general application, when RIP processing is required Execute it again. The functions of software RIP and hardware RIP are the same. In the same period, hardware RIP may be faster than software RIP, but with the acceleration of personal calculator processing speed and price reduction, software RIP has the "upgradability" "Low-cost" and other features are unique to hardware RIP. I believe that software RIP will have a considerable market in the future.

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