Jingwei Furniture City, “Shangri-La” in the furniture industry

Jingwei Furniture City, “Shangri-La” in the furniture industry

Jingwei Furniture City is completely different from the imaginary furniture city. There is no noisy sound, no dirty air, just like Shangri-La is fresh and peaceful. Jingwei Furniture City has only a long-awaited tranquility and transcendentality, and it has an amazing majesty. The “big” of Jingwei Furniture City is like the Haba Snow Mountain of Shangri-La. It covers an area of ​​730 acres and is located in the domestic furniture city. At the beginning, it has refreshed one record after another in China Furniture City.

The "Odd" of Jingwei Furniture City broke the Guinness World Record with its super-large W-shaped logo, which covered a mysterious veil for the image of Jingwei Furniture City.

The “Bo” of Jingwei Furniture City is like the Pudakoo of Shangri-La. It brings together nearly 1,000 furniture brands at home and abroad, and all kinds of furniture and its surrounding products are available here.

In Jingwei Furniture City, through the skylights, sprinkle the sun in the room, and the sky is clear, and the dream of happiness in finding a home comes to life. In this crystal clear crystal palace, can the mermaid sing? Huge colored bubbles, rippling with the hearts of tourists.

Tasting the furniture style, enjoying the fun of traveling around the sea, after a taste of the delicacies, a turn and return to the embrace of nature, the clouds are clear, the water is flowing, and the hidden service desk in the "Green Park" gives You are a peach-like outdoor.

The stylish hand is carved with natural scenery. The atrium fountain blooms like a flower, with a modern material, and makes a culturally full-fledged shape. How will you design your heart?

A city, as if it accommodates the wonderful dreams of the whole world, the East is full of rhyme, the gathering is wonderful, and a red door symbolizes the open mind of Jingwei. We will accept all partners and customers with true feelings to create a brilliant future!

           Kitchen  Plastic Cutlery Tray in 950 mm 

At this series we offer the Cutlery Tray size for 950 mm drawer. 

This tray is perfect for organizing flatware and gadgets. It has separate compartments for knives, forks, spoons and extra kitchen utensils.

Separate compartments for knives, forks and spoons and extra kitchen utensils.

Perfect for organization of flatware and gadgets.

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Cutlery Trays for Drawers 950mm

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