"Science" published the results of non-damage micro-measurement technology to study Ca2 + flow rate

D-type serine regulates the Ca2 + channel constituted by glutamate receptor genes

On March 17, 2011, the research results of Professor José Feijó of the University of Lisbon in Portugal were published online in the form of "Research Article" in the world-renowned magazine "Science". Professor Liu Laihua of the School of Resources and Environmental Sciences of China Agricultural University participated in this research. The increase in intracellular free Ca2 + constitutes the basic signal transduction mechanism of eukaryotic cells, but there has been controversy on how Ca2 + channel proteins initiate signals.

In this study, scientists used vibrating microelectrodes or NMT to measure the Ca2 + flow in pollen tubes after amino acid stimulation, which directly confirmed that plants have neurotransmitters similar to animals. It was found that glutamate receptor-like genes (GLRs) reduced the influx of Ca2 + through the plasma membrane, thereby regulating the Ca2 + concentration gradient in the cytoplasm at the top of the pollen tube, which ultimately affected the growth and morphogenesis of the pollen tube. In addition, after knocking out pollen tube serine racemase (SR1 mutant), GLRs activity decreased, leading to growth defects. This study reveals that amino acids regulate a completely new signal transduction mechanism between male gametophyte and pistil tissue, similar to the common mechanism of animal nervous system. This is not only a major discovery in botany, but also has great reference value for research in zoology, medicine and other fields.

Non-damage micro-measurement technology (NMT) is a living body research technology that can obtain the flow velocity of ions and small molecules in real time without labeling. It is one of the best methods to study the signal transduction and neural transmission system of living body. The José Feijó laboratory has published many papers in high-level journals in recent years using non-invasive micro-measurement technology. The paper published this time is representative of the laboratory's research work, and also marks the application of non-invasive micro-measurement technology is more and more widely, and the results produced are more and more influential.

Keywords: Glutamate Receptor–Like Genes (GLRs); Calcium Channel (Ca2 + Channel); Pollen Tube; D-Ser

References: Michard E et al. Science, DOI: 10.1126 / science.1201101

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