How to carry out bronzing process on resin plate

The resin plate after brushing should be blown dry. Use a hair dryer to blow off the moisture on the surface of the resin plate. Then put the resin plate back into the printing machine to dry it for about 5 minutes (fixed version). In this way, a bronzing resin version is completed. Until the text is clearly brushed out.

The printing method is the same as above. The printing time is about 5 minutes. According to the light intensity of the printing machine, the printing time is also different.

Put the vacuum membrane cage on the resin plate, then control the buttons to start vacuuming. Film faces up.

Note: The above operation should avoid direct sunlight as much as possible, and the time for the resin version to be exposed to sunlight should be as short as possible!

The next step is to start printing.

Can be directly pasted to the hot stamping captain for hot stamping operation! The used bronzing version is kept well so that it can be reused later.

The bronzing resin plate is a special resin plate imported from Japan, which is mainly used for making bronzing plate and embossed plate. The common specification is A4, and the price of A4 is 120 yuan / block

The machine is a newly designed stainless steel shell, computer-controlled operation panel, automatic vacuum pumping device, simple operation, easy to learn and use. We provide two methods for printing, one is automatic plate making by the machine, and the other is manual plate making.

Machine washing version:

Because the automatic plate-making machine has an automatic plate-washing function, as long as the dried plate is placed on the plate-washing table (the plate-washing table is magnetic, the resin plate can be directly adsorbed on it) and the time is set (100- 120 seconds) can automatically wash the version. [next]

Ordinary printing mechanism version:

If there is no such automatic resin plate-making machine, you can also use ordinary iodine gallium lamp plate-making machine or other small-scale plate-making machine with ultraviolet light source: (must use vacuum plate-making machine)

Take out the cured resin plate and peel off the film.

Manual washing version:

Prepare a scrub brush for resin printing (available from printed materials stores) and a basin of warm water.

The whole machine is divided into two parts: the drying board area and the plate washing area. First open the printing work area, and put the resin plate with the film on the work surface.

Cover the film with the film on the surface of the resin plate, (the one with the drug film faces the front of the resin plate, so that the text is reversed from the front)

Take a small piece of cut resin plate and remove the protective film on the surface;

Export the file to be produced into film (output as negative film + mirror image), and then cut off the required plate-making department;

When using it, you need to use a utility knife or a hook knife to cut its A4 into small pieces, and each A4 can be divided into 12 small pieces. It can just make a hot stamping version of the size of a PVC card. (A5 size can be cut into 6 pieces).

Place the cured resin plate in warm water of about 40 degrees, use a plate brush to gently brush back and forth on the surface of the resin plate (clockwise + counterclockwise), and keep the surface of the brush and the resin plate parallel to each other, with even force.

Start the plate-making machine and start plate-making. The general plate-making time is about 300 seconds.

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