Evaluation: Linis bathroom hardware creates a beautiful bathroom space

Many owners will carefully select good bathroom products when decorating the bathroom, but it is easy to overlook some of the characteristic hardware accessories. We visited some large building materials markets and found that many bathroom accessories made of space aluminum, pure copper, stainless steel and other materials are quite expensive. A stainless steel paper tube can sell more than 130 pieces. Many owners stopped. Even more consumers think that it is enough to buy a hardware item. Experts remind you: this kind of wrong mentality must not exist, and small flaws will also bring a lot of unhappiness to your bathing life in the future.

Towel racks, towel racks, towel rings, paper towel racks, racks, soap boxes, etc. are all part of the bathroom hardware. I have calculated them carefully. If you want to be fully equipped, you must have thousands of pieces. If you buy, you can save a lot of money. Whether you are buying a kit or a single piece option, you can buy it at a discounted group purchase price in the Linis bathroom hardware store.

Tank series stainless steel water-sealed inner core deodorant washing machine floor drain T102X

Market price: 128.00 yuan / piece

Group purchase price: 95.00 yuan / piece

Model: T102X

Specification: 10cm * 10cm * 0.3cm * 1.8cm

Panel material: brass

Core material: stainless steel

Surface treatment: brushed surface

Applicable pipe diameter: DN50 / DN75

Scope of application: washing machine floor drain, balcony floor drain, equipment room floor drain, air conditioning floor drain.


The surface copper material is 5mm thick, with large flow on both sides and siphon drainage.

The high-level water seal completely isolates the odor, and the separate launch module is easy to disassemble and wash. It has strong hydraulic self-cleaning ability and is not easy to block.

Deep water seal larger than 5cm, effectively deodorant and insect repellent; nickel wire drawing on the surface is convenient for daily cleaning.

The national standard 63 # brass and national standard 34 # stainless steel are formed at one time, suitable for sewer pipes of more than 5cm without displacement

Bathroom Hardware Linis 826 Pure Copper Bathroom Pendant 5 Piece Set

Market price: 1271.00 yuan

Promotion price: 398.00 yuan

Products include: towel rack + carton + toilet brush + towel hanging ring + pure copper clothes hook


Linisi Linisi pure copper bathroom pendant set of 5 sets, using PVD vacuum ion plating, product plating reaches more than 4um.

The film is dense, with strong adhesion and high hardness.

The surface of the coated workpiece has high hardness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and oxidation resistance.

Use PVD vacuum ion plating. The physical method is to vaporize the coating material and deposit it as a cover layer on the basic surface.

Fully automatic operation, no color difference, uniform coloring.

Dense film quality, strong adhesion, high hardness; high hardness of the coated workpiece surface, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, oxidation resistance

The product performs well in adhesion and corrosion resistance tests. After grinding 260 times on the 15CM white cloth, no bottom layer was seen, and the plating layer was peeled off with high temperature adhesive many times without peeling or peeling. Use human sweat for corrosion test. Observe no corrosion for 48 hours. After extended to 96 hours of observation, there was still no corrosion.

Bathroom hardware Linis linisi solid aluminum magnesium alloy 802 double-layer rack

Market price: 499.00 yuan

Group purchase price: 239.00 yuan


All of them are made of tempered glass, and the accessories are made of pure copper (bright and beautiful), which will never fade or rust.

The product undergoes multiple polishing processes to achieve a very high finish; the opening is manually polished, and its roundness meets the humanized design, which is more prominent.

Elegant style and timeless design, chic and smooth.

Concise, elegant and fresh color, with elegant artistic temperament to create a fashionable life experience and life interest.

It is made of high-quality 63 # brass and manufactured by the most advanced technology in the world. It is natural and durable.

Using PVD vacuum ion plating, the product coating reaches more than 4um. Dense film quality, strong adhesion, high hardness, high hardness of coated workpiece surface, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, oxidation resistance.

This shelf is very practical. It can be placed in the bathroom shower room to place shower gel, soap, shampoo, skin care products.

Bathroom hardware Linis linisi pure copper 895 clothes hook

Market price: 62.00 yuan

Group purchase price: 30.00 yuan


Mainly placed in the bathroom to hang laundry, towels, and can also be placed at the door to hang jackets, shoulder bags, etc.

Atmospheric yet soft design, deeply rooted in people's hearts, elegant curves, suitable for your high-end tasteful home.

The surface of the product is high in light and mirror, beautiful and elegant, comfortable in feel, easy to install and strong and firm

Using high-quality 63 # copper, with high copper content and heavy weight.

Strong anti-corrosion ability, no erosion after 48 hours of immersion in human sweat.

PVD vacuum ion plating technology is excellent, using multi-layer plating to thicken, to ensure that the product is not embroidered and is not easy to wear.

Clean the surface of the product with clean water or neutral detergent, and then dry it with a soft towel to keep its appearance bright and clean.

Bathroom hardware Linis 70020 stainless steel hand tray

Market price: 202.00 yuan

Group purchase price: 111.00 yuan


Designed by top designers, novel and unique, humanized design, full of imagination and creativity.

The surface is excellent in electroplating, the reflection is visible, the appearance is elegant, the feel is comfortable, the installation is convenient and firm and firm.

Paper loading reel adopts spring design, it is more convenient to load paper

Made of national standard 304 stainless steel. Precision polishing and advanced plating process make the surface smoother and more durable, not easy to fall off and oxidize.

Novel and unique, beautiful and practical, never rusty.

Tank series ABS counterweight flipper floor drain T602

Market price: 158.00 yuan / piece

Group purchase price: 128.00 yuan / piece

Uses: shower room material: copper

Model: T602

Specifications: 9cm * 14cm * 0.5cm * 1cm

Panel material: brass

Core material: ABS plastic counterweight flap

Surface treatment: brushed surface

Applicable pipe diameter: DN40 / DN50 / DN75

Scope of application: shower floor drain


The flap has no water-sealed sealing and deodorizing structure, which can effectively prevent back smell and insect, and has strong installation applicability

Chrome-plated mirror surface, never flooding, and no peeling.

The national standard 63 # brass is carefully manufactured,

ABS engineering plastic, suitable for water displacement, the diameter of the water pipeline is less than 4cm.

Cost-effective, economical and durable.

Bathroom Hardware Linis Linisi Pure Copper 849 Soap Net

Market price: 211.00 yuan

Group purchase price: 101.00 yuan


Made of solid 304 stainless steel plate, thicker than ordinary stainless steel panel, strong and durable.

Used for placing soap, generally installed on the sides of the wash basin, the height is about 20cm away from the countertop, the specific height is suitable for easy access

Concise, elegant and fresh color, with elegant artistic temperament to create a fashionable life experience and life interest.

Comply with the national GB / T1176 lead standard, no harm to human health, protect you and your family from using products without harmful metal elements.

The surface is precision polished, with super corrosion resistance, bright without fading, and not easy to wear.

Made of high-quality copper materials, the structure is tight, the weight is heavy, the feel is thick and thick, and the product is beautiful and generous.

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