Fire board product use

Fire boards can be used in many places, such as countertops, furniture surfaces, stairs, and so on. Just press the fire board together with the board. When it is selected, it can be processed by the manufacturer according to its own size and color requirements. Because it is a veneer, the fire board can be handled very flexibly, so there will be a lot of colors, which gives us a lot of choice. Compared with traditional materials, such as stone and wood, fireproof panels are mechanical products, so performance will be more stable. There are no problems such as discoloration, cracks, and water permeable.

Because the fireproof board is pressed against other sheets, the tightness of the pressing determines whether it can prevent water seepage in daily life. Especially when making a countertop, there is no chance of contact with water. However, if you install a water tank or a cooktop, install a waterproof strip at the corner gap, or design a drain groove, this problem can be solved. solve. In life, it is impossible to use just the fire board as a veneer. What we need is the whole board. Then, it is necessary to pay attention to those auxiliary materials under the fireproof board, which may be large core boards, splints, etc., the quality of these auxiliary materials determines the effect of use. Moreover, it is more important to note whether these auxiliary materials contain harmful components and can meet the requirements of safety and environmental protection.

Regardless of the change, the quality of the fire board is still the most important. Inferior fireproof panels directly affect the quality of the cabinets. When purchasing the whole cabinets, consumers must pay attention to whether the fireproof panels used by cabinet manufacturers are qualified products. The simple method is to designate the manufacturer to use the fireproof board of a well-known brand and indicate the requirements in the contract to save the trouble of investigation and research. Qualified quality will ultimately guarantee a long service life and achieve the excellent performance described above. For inferior fireproof panels, experts have described several characteristics: uneven color, fragile cracks, simple color, and its heat resistance, acidity and alkali resistance, and wear resistance are also relatively poor. In fact, the name of the fire board is a high-pressure decorative board. The word "fire" only tells its unilateral performance, while the latter title more comprehensively summarizes its manufacturing process and use, and is more acceptable.

At its root, the expert's explanation is that the kraft paper is impregnated in the resin, and the interior decorative surface material is produced after high temperature and high pressure treatment. Its characteristics are unmatched by ordinary wood finishes: abrasion resistance, impact resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, smoke resistance, fire prevention, antibacterial, anti-mildew and anti-static. All the destructive behavior that may occur in the living room, the fireproof board has strong tolerance. Imitation wood grain, imitation stone, and the newly appeared metal finish, the fire board can be described as "variable master", it seems that there is no effect that it can not be imitated. Today, with the rising awareness of environmental protection, wood and stone are listed as cautious, and the fireproof board's goodwill imitation of the two meets people's visual experience. Its changing mechanism caters to people's pursuit of new and chasing psychology, so It is not surprising that it is frequently shown in the building materials city.

Those who love the effect of mixing oil can not use the fireproof board. The door cover, kicking foot and furniture surface can be decorated with it. The fireproof board of one or several colors is selected and placed on the base layer. It is not complicated for the construction personnel, as long as special attention is paid to the construction method, degree and edge. The advantage of this approach over blending oil is that it avoids painting indoors, reduces pollution and speeds up construction. Metal-effect fire panels offer the designer's creative possibilities. Background walls, parts of the whole cabinet, etc., jumping the metal fire board of any shape can add color to the room. If you choose a real metal plate (aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, etc.), first, the construction is complicated, and second, the price is high, and the fireproof board is a substitute.

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