True and false detergent, bottle teach you to see

Dishwasher is an essential cleaning product in the kitchen and can be found everywhere in the supermarket. Bottled, barreled. Most of the brands of detergent bottles are opaque. Both PP and PVC are used. In general, PP has an opaque phenomenon due to its high crystallinity, because high-crystallization polymers have high heat resistance, high mechanical strength, and high tensile strength, and are therefore mostly used for packaging liquid products.
It is precisely this opaque packaging that gives criminals opportunities. Because I couldn't see the substantive things inside, and the bottle of detergent was very easy to imitate, so many counterfeit products appeared in the market. Consumers said that they were helpless. It can't be discerned at all.
There are quite a few experienced housewives who have given us the following tips: 1. It is best to buy clear-packaged bottles of detergents because they can be seen from the appearance of their consistency. 2, detergent bottle itself is not smooth and rough, relatively hard 3, with experience smell smell. General detergents are scented and not pungent. 4. Look at the font color outside the bottle of detergent. Be clear and unambiguous.

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