Printed posters should pay attention to the characteristics

1. The Poster Poster is a notice posted at a specific location when the group publishes news, and it is also a media that disseminates information to the general public. (Ou Hyo-Ming applied chromatics) It is a kind of print media, there is no sound effect, can only strengthen the message through the shape and color, so the highlight of the color is an important point!
Usually people look at posters for a short period of time. They want to know the content of the poster in about two to five seconds. Therefore, the appropriate increase in brightness, the use of psychological color effects, the use of aesthetics, and decorative colors all contribute to the content of posters. The effect of this communication has caused the poster to persuade, identify, communicate, and aesthetically function. The essentials of posters to create visual appeal:
(a) Adopt correct visual forms for objects and advertising purposes.
(b) The power of contrast.
(C) simple, simple non-monotonous, simple is not necessarily complicated.
(D) to grasp the different freshness, re-combination of new creations.
(e) The power of conflict.
(6) The consistency of form and content makes the attraction profound and meaningful.
Second, the characteristics of the poster (a) can be freely selected location;
(b) Make it visible by its size and colour;
(c) long posting time with repeated publicity;
(D) can be posted in the same place to enhance visual effects;
(5) Suitable for key advertising;
The color appeal of the posters: the message conveying the color of the product The psychological effect of using color to enhance the impression of the use of color The fine poster should predict the viewer's psychological reactions and feelings in advance, in order to make the content conveyed and the viewer resonate!

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