Analysis of special protein complex reagents helps to offset muscle damage

Abstract: Recently, researchers from the University of Basel have revealed through research that the protein complex mTORC1 can promote muscle growth. However, whether it can be continuously activated and damage the ability of cells to renew themselves, thereby triggering the occurrence of myopathy Research papers published in the international journal CellMetabolism have precisely analyzed these mechanisms.

Similar to a certain part of the machine, the single component in the cell will also continue to be consumed over time. If you want to maintain a cell in a healthy state, functional components and waste must be regularly removed and recycled regularly. The process of self-purification of a cell, commonly known as autophagy, is critical to maintaining the health of the cell. However, the increase in cell intoxication time will significantly reduce its self-renewal ability, and some cells will participate in cell aging-related diseases, such as cancer, heart disease and muscle damage. In this process, growth regulators mTORC1 plays an important role, and the researchers revealed the molecular mechanism of its action in the article.

Muscle weakness caused by excessive activation of growth factors

So far, the researchers hypothesized that the protein complex mTORC1 in skeletal muscle plays an important role in growth regulation rather than autophagy. In the current study, the researchers studied the cytoskeletal process of mouse skeletal muscle, during which mTORC1 was continuously activated. Especially in the body of elderly mice, scientists have found that progressive myopathy may be blamed on damage to the autophagy process. More interestingly, the researchers can reverse the symptoms of mice by rapamycin administration, and the muscle function of the mice can be restored to normal. Rapamycin is a substance that inhibits mTORC1 and can promote cell self-renewal.

Offset muscle damage

Through this study, the researchers stated that mTORC1 plays an important role in coordinating autophagy, which can maintain a dynamic balance between muscle growth and injury. Scientists speculate that the excessive activation of the mTORC1 complex may promote muscle development in men with age-related muscle damage. Therefore, in-depth research on mTORC1 will provide us with new treatments and hopes for the treatment of muscle diseases such as muscle weakness.

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