Lin Da expert invents "knifeless" pulp and paper

Qingan Paper Mill has a refiner that specifically “eats” used sacks. With it, companies have not only greatly reduced wood pulp and papermaking raw materials, but also produced high-grade papers that can be used for maps, cigarettes, and banknotes with the use of flax pulp at a cost of only 1,000 yuan per ton. This technology is a double-screw roller refiner invented by Liu Chang'en, a professor of pulp and paper science at Northeast Forestry University, which is known as “Cailun” by the business community.

According to reports, prior to the mid-1990s, China's paper industry has been using traditional production equipment - grinding disc refiner. The equipment uses the teeth on the grinding chip to grind the pulp, and the wood fiber is completely worn out, which affects the quality of the pulp, and the energy consumption is quite high. It also consumes a large amount of washing water and causes a great pollution. In order to solve these four shortcomings, Prof. Liu Changen led the scientific research personnel to develop a new spiral screw refiner with new equipment. The equipment adopts spiral dynamic extrusion to grind the slurry, retaining the original length of the wood fiber, greatly improving the quality of the pulp, and the power consumption in the production process is less than half of the conventional equipment, and can also save water by 70%-80%. The project was once established as a major topic by the Provincial Science Commission. At the expert appraisal meeting organized by the Provincial Science and Technology Commission, experts concurred that the advent of the double-screw roller refiner was a major technological innovation in the paper industry in China, marking that China's paper industry has entered a “knifeless” pulping process. New stage. This technology is "the first in the country to reach the world's advanced level."

Liu Changen has also been dedicated to the research of a new pulp and papermaking process after he obtained a national invention patent for a double helix roller refiner. He used waste sacks as raw materials and used a double-screw roller type grinding machine to make complex processes such as slicing, cooking, washing, beating, and washing in past pulp manufacturing, and reduced it to two stages of impregnation and abrading-- The spent sacks are immersed in the dipping tank for a certain period of time and then placed in a refiner to grind and serve. The entire process saves water and electricity, with little pollution.

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