Research on Innovative Technology of Inflatable Shockproof Packaging

1 New inflatable shockproof packaging

Shockproof packaging, also known as buffer packaging, it can protect the package from shock and vibration damage, in order to achieve the purpose of product protection. The new type of inflatable shockproof packaging that we want to study is a kind of shockproof packaging. Its shockproof principle is to relieve the physical impact force of the outside world through the air in the air cushion so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the product.

Compared with previous packaging forms, the new inflatable shockproof packaging mainly has four advantages.

1) Wide range of applications. Can be used in electronics, food industry, cultural relic protection and instrumentation industries.

For high-end electronic products such as computers and mobile phones, their transportation must strive for stability and reduce vibrations as much as possible. This requires that the packaging must have good impact resistance; for food, cultural relics protection, and instrumentation industries, it must be ensured that there is no long-distance transport process. damaged. Inflatable shockproof packaging has good elasticity, recovery, stable temperature and humidity, low moisture absorption, and a wide range of applications.

2) Good economic and social benefits. Inflatable shockproof packaging can be widely used in lathes, electronics, precision instrumentation and fragile product packaging, to avoid the damage of the product in the storage and transportation process, and to recover the economic losses. Inflatable shock-proof packaging, the material is cheap, processing is not ready, reduce packaging costs, increase product profits, and bring economic benefits.

3) Good environmental benefits. Traditional product packaging often uses foamed plastics in consideration of seismic resistance. Due to the large volume of the foam, the compression performance is poor, and it is a one-time packaging. After use, it becomes a waste product and it is not easy to recycle. The inflatable shockproof packaging uses less material than the foam, and can be designed and used according to the requirements of different products. The gas can be exhausted before and after use, effectively reducing the volume, and transport and use are very Convenient, it can be recycled, repeated, and used multiple times, and it can also be recycled and used to meet the environmental protection requirements.

4) Good quality. From a few minutes worth of food packaging to hundreds of thousands of valuable instrument packaging, inflatable shockproof packaging can meet the requirements of functionality, reliability, safety, adaptability, economics, and timeliness. At the same time, no matter whether it is an enterprise or a customer, it is convenient to use under the premise of ensuring quality. It responds to the trend of green packaging. 2 It can meet the requirements of sustainable human development. 3 is a very promising packaging product.

2 Design and Manufacturing

2.1 Material Selection

The requirements for materials are mainly selected from physical and mechanical properties, chemical stability, and processing suitability.

(1) Physical and mechanical performance requirements: resistance to penetration, tear resistance, extrusion resistance, folding resistance, and good gas barrier properties.

(2) Chemical stability requirements: water resistance, oil resistance, and chemical resistance.

(3) Processing suitability: It has good processing performance and can adapt to the forming and sealing process of high-speed automatic packaging machinery. Soft texture, easy molding, rewinding, easy sealing and bonding.

The new inflatable shockproof packaging material consists of a flexible, heat-sealable plastic film material that is flexible and elastic. Overcoming the shortcomings of the general air-cushion film due to thermal expansion and contraction due to the surrounding air temperature. Multilayer polyethylene film and high-strength, abrasion-resistant nylon cloth can be used as a buffer surface material to extend its service life and can also be recycled.

2.2 Design

Models are monolithic and modular.

The integral type can fully fill the space between the product and the inner box and the outer box to protect the overall buffer packaging. According to the specific dimensions of the product, the four-side sealed packaging bag is manufactured. When the compressed air is used, the entire product is enclosed in the package. Inside the package, products of any shape or size can be packaged. Single-layer or multi-layer composite films can be used according to different products to ensure the safety of the entire product. The packaging structure is determined by the shape and type of the specific product.

(1) Integral fixed inflatable structure

The two membranes are sealed together at the periphery and a gas is filled between them. The air compressor in the aeration process fills the air between two layers of membranes, as shown in Figure 1.

(9) One-time inflatable fixed structure

The monolithic structure is simple and easy to manufacture, but the pressure is concentrated, or because the external temperature changes, the compressed air volume is greatly deformed, and the air cushion has poor safety and reliability. The advantage of the grid box is that the compressed air blocks are independent and can overcome the deficiencies of the monolithic structure. It is generally on the whole fixed inflatable structure, and then use thermoplastic sealing machine to divide the blocks. One-time inflating is completed and the inflating port is sealed. Gas can no longer be regulated. When used, it can be cut according to the size of the package. See Figure 2.

(to be continued)

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