JDS Uniphase pushes new optical labels

JDS Uniphase announced the release of the SecureShift Phantom tag. This label uses special optical trademark protection technology and is said to be more reliable than traditional technologies such as holograms.

JDS Uniphase hopes to apply this anti-counterfeiting technology to counterfeit brands such as software, pharmaceuticals, automotive and aerospace Accessories, and other consumer products. In recent years, holographic anti-counterfeit products, which are commonly used, are increasingly becoming the targets of counterfeiters who have found ways to deal with them.

The SecureShift Phantom tag uses a patented multi-layer pigment developed by JDS Uniphase. This pigment was extracted using the company's OVP color-difference pigment technology for currency security, and the currency was used in at least 100 countries. Phantom pigments, combined with patented label printing technology developed by JDS Uniphase, can produce easily identifiable custom optical geometric patterns or logos. This tag can be produced in a conventional way and in a tamper-evident manner and has a serial number and a multi-layer hidden function.

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