Factory fire alarm automatic broadcasting scheme

The player of EVA-MP328 automatic broadcast control system is microcomputer automatic control. It adopts the advanced mp3 encoding and decoding technology in the United States, which has created a comprehensive intelligent, automatic, digital, and unmanned management mode of the broadcast system. Squares and other public places.
A. MP3 solid storage: Super large capacity 1G memory, U disk can be replaced at will;
B. MP3 decoder: US ATMEL hardware decoding chip, CD sound quality effect, with high stability;
C. Large LCD screen, Chinese menu, touch buttons: the operating system is simple and clear, easy to learn and use;
D. Power failure protection: It has all the programming functions of power failure protection, and the clock will run normally in case of power failure;
E. Complete interfaces: It can be connected and controlled by computer, support U disk direct copy and playback; microphone input and so on.
F. You can work independently without connecting to the computer or work with the computer. Set up a large-capacity music library in the computer to achieve automatic programming playback;
G. The time setting is accurate to the second, eliminating the inconvenience that many products on the market can only be set to minutes.
H. It has a CNC external expansion interface, which can be turned on and off regularly for each partition of the externally controlled partition matrix device; it can also be connected to a power sequencer, fire emergency alarm, local telephone interface, etc., with powerful functions;
I. It can be connected to the local telephone access device, and dial the set number (by password) by phone or mobile phone, and then the broadcast system can be opened to broadcast speech, which is convenient for leadership management.
Product Features:
A. Program output: can provide high-definition audio output;
B. Partition function: It comes with eight partitions, which can be combined arbitrarily;
C. Power management: 4 programmable power outlets with programmable timing control, the maximum capacity of each channel is up to 3KVA; the power of the amplifier will be automatically turned on in advance every time the scheduled playback is performed. After the playback is completed, the power supply is automatically stopped, and no special person is required to be on duty;
D. Regular broadcast: according to the programming program set by the user, it will automatically play according to the weekly cycle;
E. Peripheral control: externally control CD / MP3 player, digital tuner timing, and program programming playback;
F. Manual control: The user can realize temporary broadcasting through the manual switch, or turn on the power supply of the power amplifier and other equipment;
G. Cyclic playback: support weekly cycle, several programs can be edited every day, each program can be edited for 99 time periods;
H. You can directly edit the playback plan by operating the buttons on the panel, or you can edit the playback plan through the computer.

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