Analysis of Trouble Shooting of Offset Press Air Circuit

7.7 Trouble shooting

The ideal state of the air circuit is: the air supply is sufficient and stable, and the air suction and discharge should always be kept clean. The general method of troubleshooting the pneumatic circuit is analyzed by the transmission chain diagram of the pneumatic circuit.

1. Inhaled air is not clean

(1) Put the suction port of the air pump in a clean environment, especially far away from the powder spraying device;
(2) For the nozzle of the feeder part, the powder and paper wool on the paper surface should be as little as possible.

2. Suction tube is not smooth

(1) The suction pipe is not cleaned and cleaned;
(2) The suction pipe is too long, the air path loss is too large, shorten the suction pipe;
(3) The resistance of the inner wall of the suction pipe to the air is too large, and the suction pipe with a small resistance is replaced, such as a steel pipe instead of a leather tube.

3. The front filter is not ventilated

(1) The filter is clogged to clean the filter;
(2) Remove the filter and install it again.

4. The air pump works badly

(1) The leakage of the air pump is serious, and the leakage at both ends or the circumferential direction is removed and some of the components are replaced;
(2) The bearings on both ends of the air pump shaft are damaged and replaced;
(3) Poor lubrication of the air pump Improve the lubrication conditions of the air pump.

5. The rear filter is not ventilated

(1) The rear filter is clogged to clean the filter;
(2) The rear filter is damaged and the oil leakage is serious. Replace the filter.

6. Exhaust pipe exhaust is not smooth

(1) The exhaust pipe exhaust is not clean and clean the exhaust pipe;
(2) However, if the resistance of the inner wall of the trachea is too large, it is replaced by a tube with low resistance, such as replacing the dermal tube with a steel tube;
(3) The exhaust pipe is too long and replaced with a short pipe.

7. The exhaust air is not clean

(1) The rear filter mesh is too coarse or damaged, replace the filter;
(2) There is something in the exhaust pipe to clean the exhaust pipe.

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