The top five uses of wireless answering machines in the classroom

1. Realize the practice of the classroom, clear the lessons, and solve the new knowledge points.
Before using the wireless answering machine, whether the student masters the new knowledge points, the teacher can only judge based on intuition. By using the wireless answering machine for classroom testing, the computer can immediately count the positive answer rate of each question. The teacher based on the positive answer rate Then focus on the knowledge points that the students do not master, so that all knowledge points are resolved in the class, and the effect of class practice and class clearing is achieved.
2. There is no need for the teacher to make corrections to the multiple choice and judgement assignments.
The wireless answering machine can store the assignments of 10 subjects. The assignment of 100 students in one class can be completed by the wireless answering machine in 10 seconds, and there are also the positive answer rate and histogram of each question, and automatically generate the wrong question bank for each student .
3. The classroom interaction can be fully realized, and the results can be answered in 5 seconds.
Using the wireless answering machine can fully realize classroom interaction and rush answers, timely and accurate feedback of classroom information, improve the active classroom atmosphere, so that each student has the opportunity to answer questions, rush to answer the results in 5 seconds, answer quickly, improve classroom innovation ability Cultivate innovative talents.
4. Accurate statistics of students' usual scores can be achieved.
The college entrance examination is gradually changing the pattern of a life-long test, and the results are usually more and more important. By using the wireless answering machine, our company's supporting software will automatically count the normal and test score summary for a semester. See the table below:
Total number of answers
Total number of wrong answers
Number of incorrect answers to exams
Number of wrong answers in class
Number of incorrectly answered homework
total ranking
Class average
Zhang Xiaoming
twenty three
Through the above table, you can clearly analyze the changes in the student's test scores and usual scores.
5. As an important part of the classroom in the future, the wireless answering machine has a voting evaluation function, which can realize various on-site evaluations such as classroom teaching evaluation and teacher evaluation.

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