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Brand: Nature Windsor

Nature Windsor

In 2013, the nature Windsor closet wardrobe launched this Nordic style classic - "Helsinki's Spring", its rich Nordic design elements and creative styles, interpretation of the extraordinary in the new Windsor nature of nature Work.

If the Western European countries win by civilization and human landscape, as the museums of Paris and the churches of Rome are the places you must swim in this life, then the more desirable of romantic Nordic is its beautiful natural scenery. When it comes to Helsinki, this beautiful port city that has been praised by the world as "the daughter of the Baltic Sea" is always fascinating. She is beautiful and clean, and has the romantic atmosphere of the ancient European city and the charm of an international metropolis. The Helsinki series of cabinets are Nordic-style cabinets that are launched in the Windsor closet wardrobe.

As a master of home design, Nordic style furniture is increasingly favored by people. White minimalist, natural wood furniture, as the main body of the Nordic home, uniquely reflects the unique romantic charm of the forest in a unique Nordic mythology. The spring of Helsinki is the ultimate in Nordic style. The L-shaped island is more convenient for cooking delicious dishes, and the rich, high-low matching cabinets meet the cumbersome storage needs. The white cabinet and black marble countertops form the classic Nordic home space, which is the eternal classic of Nordic home; simple, not simple, straightforward, returning to nature, simplicity, innocence and fashion. The dark countertops are thicker and easier to clean. The central independent island can allow you to enjoy the delicious food here. You can also invite your friends to enjoy the party.

The nature Windsor closet wardrobe inherits the noble lineage of the natural floor, and the quality is in the same line. The new product of the Windsor Wardrobe Wardrobe in 2013 - "The Spring of Helsinki" has won the recognition and favor of consumers with its rich cultural connotation and pleasant style.

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