What is the reorganization of paper?

Finishing starts on the reel and is finally packaged for sale. Generally include rewinding, trimming, cutting, embossing, ultralighting, sorting, inspection and packing operations. The paper roll can be cut to a certain width at the roll paper according to the customer's request and packaged for sale or sent to the processing department for further processing. Careful rewinding of paper is important for future paper printing. The rewinding machine can still longitudinally cut the paper into a paper with a smaller width and a specific diameter and wind it on a mandrel with special structure. Multiple re-rollers can be used to rewind the paper roll, eliminating defects, disconnections, and other disadvantages to obtain high-quality paper rolls. Paper rolls usually do not need to be manually handled by automated handling packaging and packaging equipment. The paper roll is fed to the paper cutter and cut to a certain size. The paper cutter consists of a single or multi-paper roll backstand, a knives, and a stacking table.

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