Chicken wing wood maintenance taboo

1. Do not pile heavy objects on the surface of chicken wing wood products, or mix them with hard objects such as keys to avoid distortion and deformation of chicken wings.

2. Do not use a damp cloth or rinse the chicken wing wood with water to avoid applying chemicals. Therefore, it is even more difficult to wipe the wenge wood with corrosive chemicals such as alkaline water or alcohol to avoid damaging or damaging the fibers of the wood.

3. Do not use the so-called "salt salt" to clean the chicken wing wood. "The defensive salt" is essentially coarse sea salt. It can be used to soak "pure" chicken wing wood. It not only fails to protect the chicken wing wood, but also greatly damages the wood, causing the wood to become thick, discolored and cracked.

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Our OEM services:

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3. Flexible in order quality

Material and Quality:

1. Fabric: you can use Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Satin, Twill, Jacquard or Yarn-dye. Fabric coating are Black coating, silver coating and DuPont water repellent. We are not only using fabric in China, but also importing from Japan and Taiwan.

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About us:

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