Snow-making ice machine's ice-making principle and application skills

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The ice-making principle of the ice machine: 1. The chilled water pump of the water storage tank continuously circulates through the plate or grid evaporator; 2. After the compressor is in operation, the suction-compression-exhaust-condensation (liquefaction )-Throttling-and then evaporate in the evaporator at a low temperature of -10 ℃ to -18 ℃. The frozen water continuously condenses into ice on the surface of the lower temperature evaporator at a water temperature of 0 ° C. When the ice layer condenses to a certain thickness, the refrigerant evaporation temperature reaches the set temperature of the temperature control, that is, the defrost solenoid valve is turned on, and the heat pump is often used to remove ice, and then the next cycle is realized.

Tips for using the ice maker 1. The ice maker should be installed away from heat sources, without direct sunlight, in a place with good ventilation, and the ambient temperature should not exceed 35 ° C to prevent the ambient temperature from being too high to cause poor condenser heat dissipation and affect the manufacturing Ice effect. The ground on which the ice machine is installed should be solid and level, and the ice machine must be kept level, otherwise it will cause no ice removal and noise during operation. 2. The gap between the back and the left and right sides of the machine should be no less than 30cm, and the gap between the top and the top should be no less than 60cm. 3. The ice machine should use an independent power supply, a dedicated line power supply and be equipped with a fuse and a leakage protection switch, and it must be reliably grounded. 4. The water used by the ice machine must comply with the national drinking water standard, and a water filtration device should be installed to filter impurities in the water so as not to block the water pipe, pollute the water tank and the ice mold. And affect the performance of ice making. 5. The power should be turned off when cleaning the ice machine. It is strictly forbidden to directly flush the body with a water pipe. It should be scrubbed with a neutral detergent. It is strictly forbidden to use acidic, alkaline and other corrosive solvents. 6. The ice maker must unscrew the inlet hose head for two months to clean the inlet valve filter to prevent the sand and mud impurities in the water from clogging the inlet and causing the inlet water volume to decrease, resulting in no ice making. 7. The ice machine must clean the dust on the surface of the condenser every two months. Poor condensation and heat dissipation will cause damage to the compressor components. When cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner, a small brush, etc. to clean the oil and dust on the surface of the condensate. Do not use sharp metal tools to clean it, so as not to damage the condenser. 8. The water pipe, sink, refrigerator and protective film of the ice machine should be cleaned every two months.

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