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Creative no limit 12 interesting and practical single product recommendation

Housewives are always complaining that the kitchen chores can never be done. In fact, it is not that there are many things, but that they have not found a useful and interesting kitchen item. Creative daily necessities have greatly increased the interest in kitchen life. Not only can it help solve many trivial things in life, but the most important thing is to bring unlimited fun and happiness to life.

1. Rotary pineapple heart peeler

Reason for recommendation: Cutting pineapple is a technical task. This gadget can help you easily! The gear design makes it easier to remove pineapple skin. The design of the handle can be rotated into the pineapple with a little effort. The operation is very simple and very clean!

2. Manual Juicer

Recommended reason: Convenient leak-drip lemon juicer, put half-cut fruit, press the handle gently to squeeze out fresh juice. Whether you make a mask or make tea, it ’s easy to help you get the most out of it. The method is super simple and the juice extraction effect is super good.

Three, fruit peeling / coreless / slicer three in one

Recommended reason: fashionable, compact and flexible, integrating peeling, slicing and denuclearization into one, completed in one step. The operation is simple, easy to use, clean and hygienic, easy to use and fun, is a good helper of civilized life, everyone will love to eat fruit.

4. Electronic weighing spoon

Recommended reason: small and convenient, especially suitable for small amounts of food ingredients and medicinal materials, the precision error is smaller, and the scale is more accurate. Use two AAA batteries, easy to purchase, double scoop size, optional. Accurately grasp the nutritional intake of the media and balance the meal.

Five, dumplings abrasive

Reasons for recommendation: Quickly make dumpling molds, one pinch out two, save time, more hygienic and convenient. Put the dumpling skin on the mold, put the filling and fold the mold in half to make 2 lace dumplings. Be happy to make dumplings with family and friends!

5. Garlic twister

Recommended reason: Say goodbye to the era of pounding garlic tanks, let us lead the new taste of the kitchen together! The garlic grind from the garlic twister not only has a delicate taste, but the main thing is to save energy and save time greatly! Guarantee.

Six, color egg beater

Recommended reason: beautiful design, environmental protection and health, suitable for mixing eggs, cream, pasta and other foods, and will not be noisy metal impact sound. Hanging hook design, easy to store, simple and stylish style, casual placement is also a scenery.

Seven, electric squeeze sauce pen

Recommended reason: the decorative pen with syringe design can be used repeatedly, the pen barrel is thick and durable, and the thick wall can effectively extend the holding time and avoid the rapid solidification of chocolate during the operation. Extract the sauce, and draw your finger on the food like writing.

8. Corn peeler

Recommended reason: Unlike the complicated operation of the old thresher, it uses a simple human-powered machine to push the machine, and the cutting effect of the blades to achieve corn threshing. You can understand it at a glance, and you can take off two corn cobs in a minute.

Nine, peel orange

Recommended reason: Orange, orange and other fruits can be skillfully and easily peeled off their peels, and the clothes will not be stained due to the juice splashing, and the nails will not be peeled. It has the advantages of practicality, safety, lightness, hygiene and durability, and it is no longer difficult to peel.

10. Vegetable Shredder

Recommended reason: I usually encounter chopping green onions at home is of different thickness. With a quick onion cutting knife, I put everything on the green onions, and the green onions change to green onions. It is so simple and fast. With knife cover, sanitary and safe. Very easy to use.

11. Peeled gloves

Recommended reason: The miraculous peeling gloves that are popular in Japan, just wear it, while washing potatoes, taro shells and other vegetables and fruits, you can peel the potato skins, taro shells, etc. completely. Kitchen essentials!

Inspire 12 super interesting bathroom items in the shower

Recommended products: Lejia Element Series

Powerful, simple, and rational, this is Element, a series of products carefully crafted by Roca and architect David Chipperfield. With simple, rational lines, it is enough to be proud of peers.

Roca Roca Element element series detail type product article number specification purchase place reference price wall-mounted washbasin 327570..0600mm * 505mm Roca Roca 5375 yuan toilet 342577..0 toilet

341570.00 Water tank with water tank accessories

801572..4 damping cover plate on the left side 210mm or horizontal row Roca 18036 yuan bidet 327574..0545mm * 370mm * 395mm Roca-acrylic bathtub 247976 ... 11800mm * 800mm

The plate divides the visual feast, and the inspiration is cut and combined without hesitation during the period. The rules and regulations are repeatedly deconstructed, creativity is yours, freedom is your heart.

Editor's comment: Roca's Element series bathroom products are simple and elegant, and the rectangular design makes them a good use of space, even in the corners. The whole series is equipped with Lejia's own faucet, saving water and energy, especially the bathtub is equipped with a thermostatic faucet, so that the temperature is constant and there will never be a sudden change. Add a little bath salt, add a little essential oil, take a relaxing hot bath, Relax is warm.

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Xize sanitary ware infrared induction floor urinal

Crazy promotion

Promotion price: 648 yuan / piece

Market price: 1620 yuan / piece

Has been sold: 1

product review:

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Recommended Series 2: Lejia Happening Series

Designer Ramon Benedito is a world-renowned Barcelona industrial designer who has won many international awards in his career. Design awards include Carlsberg beer, Iberia and Repsol, Happening series is one of his outstanding works.

Roca Roca Happening Han Pening series detailed type product number specification purchase place reference price half column wash basin 327561..0 / 327562..0 half column 800mm * 475mm Roca Roca 2695 yuan half column wash basin 327562..0 / 327562. .0 half column 560mm * 450mm Roca Lejia 2832 yuan Siamese toilet 34945C..0 toilet with water tank accessories

80N562..1 Oule damping seat side cover plate row 305mm or horizontal row Roca Lejia 8390 yuan wall hanging toilet 346567..0 toilet

801562..4 damping cover plate 3 / 6L Roca Roca 3336 yuan

The Happening series gives a new look to the traditional structure that preserves bathroom space furnishings. The furnishings are just right, highlighting the unique personality and attracting you who are pursuing innovation and high quality.

The entire series shows a smooth curve, applying "circle" to the extreme, you can see the washbasin, toilet, bidet and bathtub, each product has a perfect arc, round and satisfactory.

Editor's comment: Happening's sanitary ware products are more intimate, with semi-cylindrical and streamlined tunes, which can highlight the unique taste of the master bathroom. The entire series is uniform in color and outstanding in style. I believe that when lying in such a bathtub and intimately in contact with water, thousands of emotions are waiting for you ~

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Xize bathroom one-piece column basin rhombic square art basin 328

Crazy promotion

Promotion price: 1999 yuan / set

Market price: 4998 yuan / set

Has been sold: 0 sets

product review:

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Recommended products: Losone soap dish

Basic parameters of IKEA Losone soap dish

Types of


Product Item No. Store Brand Soap Dish

Â¥ 14.90


IKEA Losone

Editor's comment: The yellow soap box adds a sense of fashion to the bathroom. Can you think of it as a creative soap box? You can put a new soap on top of the soap you use up quickly.

Recommended products: Losone toothbrush cylinder

Basic parameters of IKEA Losone toothbrush cylinder

Types of


Product number store brand toothbrush cylinder

Â¥ 14.90


IKEA Losone

Editor's comment: Let your friends guess what this home tool is for, can't you guess? It is a convenient toothbrush cylinder. The combination of pink and white has a sense of fashion, and a family of toothbrushes are put in this way. In the toothbrush cylinder.

Recommended products: water drop bath towel

IKEA Twegen bath towel latest price change table

Types of


product number



bath towel

$ 49

202.495.80 IKEA


Editor's comment: Comfortable, soft and absorbent bath towels can be well protected during the winter shower, not easy to catch a cold, and cute water-drop bath towels can bring a lot of fun to the bathroom.

Recommended products: Twegen shower curtain

Basic parameters of IKEA Twegen shower curtain

Types of


Product number store brand shower curtain

Â¥ 59.00


IKEA Tweggen

Editor's comment: Showing all the bits and pieces of life in the home is also an attitude of life. The state of the shower is displayed on the shower curtain, and the creative home can be shown on the shower curtain.

Is there any humor in life? 9 interesting single product recommendations

Recommendation 1: Owl-shaped glass jar

Owl shaped glass jar

Brand: Klit

Price: 329 yuan

Reason for recommendation: The glass jar is shaped with an owl symbolizing wisdom and knowledge. The workmanship is exquisite, the pattern is exquisite, and the clear glass texture highlights the mysterious color of the blue color.

Recommendation two: I love Pinocchio suits

I love Pinocchio set

Brand: Fabiano

Price: 299 yuan

Reason for recommendation: The set contains Pinocchio-shaped logs and ink bottles, bright colors, vivid expressions, and iconic long noses, making people feel like they are in a fairy tale.

Recommendation 3: Paper boat shoulder bag

Paper boat shoulder bag

Brand: moschino

Price: In-store price

Recommended reason: The shoulder bag shaped as a childhood origami boat is refreshing, full of lively childlike innocence, white leather with champagne gold chain, elegant and natural.

Recommendation four: Hollywood star tea bag group

Hollywood Star Tea Bag Group

Brand: Youjipin

Price: 89 yuan

Recommended reason: Tea bags gather all kinds of Hollywood celebrities, funny actions, funny expressions, people can not help but can not help making tea into a fun and vivid memory of time.

Recommendation five: Belgian Nono Muaks doll pen case

Belgium Nono Muaks Doll Pen Holder

Brand: +86

Price: 68 yuan

Recommended reason: The image of the darling who holds up the rock gesture is very personal, made of felt, which is not only durable but also fashionable, and the free assembly design allows people to fully experience the hands-on fun.

Recommendation 6: Resin kitten reading base lamp

Resin Kitty Reading Lamp

Brand: Klit

Price: 599 yuan

Recommended reason: The resin base creates a brass texture, and the old color is very retro. The scene of a big cat reading a book with his kittens attentively is not only fun but also very warm.

Recommendation 7: Chair


Brand: lensiny

Price: 11300 yuan

Recommended reason: This chair is built with classic toy blocks from childhood. It seems to be crumbling. It can't help but endure. It is embellished with colorful and colorful blocks, which evokes full childhood memories.

Recommendation 8: THEO round sofa

THEO round sofa


Price: 258840 yuan

Reason for recommendation: The four-quarter round sofa can be described as unique. The delicate and complicated golden patterns on the surface are extremely dazzling, demonstrating the luxurious Baroque style.

Recommendation 9: Chair


Brand: Crossover

Price: In-store price

Reason for recommendation: The white chair's supporting feet are extremely simple, the chair seat has a weird shape, and the geometric patterns of chemical molecules are drawn in different shades of color, which is full of fun.

There are cute pets at home, more than 10 lazy items recommended by pet lovers

Appreciation of the pet lovers' trendy case

Written in front: He usually likes to get together with three or five friends to meet and chat together. Luludou is his favorite pet, and Luludou is funny to play with this buddy. Sometimes I like to sip tea while surfing the Internet, drink tea and chat. Sometimes I do n’t do anything, just stay there, daze to read books and listen to music, share my travel experience with my girlfriend, or have a drink alone, select a variety of excellent products and get together to create a mini salon.

Matching needs: In casual moments, three or five friends gather together to play naughty pets, the most warm moment is a romantic drama with his girlfriend.

Luludou: The fabric cushions with ink-stained patterns are casually placed on the sofa. They are very soft and warm, and I like to lie here and watch TV.

Luludou: The host and a buddy meet here to talk about work and life. I'm not alone. I have a topic and let's talk together!

Luludou: Haha, I'm hiding here, can you see it? The owner also placed a soft cushion intimately.

Luludou: The owner's girlfriend is here, I have to flash people, and I have to give them a chance to be alone. I still see it.

Luludou: I have always been coveted by the tableware, the little birds that live on the white porcelain plate, drool.

Luludou: I can't get up at the dining table. I'm short and bruised. I can only look up with tears. . .

Do you want to create the same cute pet home? Xiaobian recommends the following products for you, click here to turn the page to understand

One, naughty and adorable pets always have it

Naughty, they like to stick to you. Sometimes they think they are cute, and they also think they are naughty. Sometimes they like peekaboo, so you ca n’t find it intentionally. Looking at their cute and cute little eyes, make pets and you Then converge on the love of the squinting people and the Wangxing people, and be brave to tell the world how you and the pet are family! It doesn't matter if you don't love pets. Let the sofas and coffee tables become lockers. Remote controls, magazines, newspapers, etc. are all in the bag.

Total reference price: ï¿¥ 5593.48

1. SOHO NOVO fabric sofa

Price: ï¿¥ 2032

2. Square wooden creative storage coffee table with pet house

Price: ï¿¥ 815

3. Delanna wooden coffee table

Price: ï¿¥ 249

4. Life is beautiful Haki iron solid wood desk

Price: ï¿¥ 1199

5. Milano shelf

Price: ï¿¥ 1299

Second, the clean living room gives people a positive ability

Total reference price: ï¿¥ 4797.00

In addition to a balanced diet, the living room layout needs to avoid odors from non-environmentally friendly furniture. It is necessary to keep the air circulation smooth. Pay attention to the dead corners where filthy gas is easily gathered. , Strongly inhibit the growth of mites, reduce the risk of mutual infection, provide health care for family members, and provide help.

1. Life is bright Costilla white light coffee table

Price: ï¿¥ 1599

2. Lucca Single Life

Price: ï¿¥ 1799

3. Lucca leather + fabric sofa

Price: from ¥ 1399

3. The exquisite restaurant is an attitude

Eating is exquisite, and eating is an attitude. It brings not only an elegance but also an attitude towards life. As a place for family and friends to dine together, the restaurant is the best time for everyone to communicate. The restaurant is also very worthy of decoration. Like other rooms, it needs to be carefully decorated. Place fine porcelain on it, like a group of exquisite works of art, glazed glass and other decorations, to create an independent, small and exquisite dining space. !

Total reference price: ï¿¥ 657.00

1. SOHO NOVO ceramic tableware set

Price: ï¿¥ 399

2. Life and Beauty SOHO NOVO Flower and Bird Cushion

Price: ï¿¥ 59

3. SOHO NOVO English afternoon tea set

Price: ï¿¥ 199

The 9 favorite items in the home

50 flat snail dwellings after 90

Matching needs: The favorite spiritual life and entertainment in the snail dwelling are games and TV.

1. Simple furniture favorite by the snail dwellers

Total reference price: ï¿¥ 1878.88

1. Double three-person fabric sofa

Price: from ¥ 50

Elegant and generous double sofa in cotton and linen, suitable for small apartment rooms, hotels, cafes, etc.

2. Simple lazy desk

Price: ï¿¥ 155

The stainless steel bracket puts together a small and large table, just enough to hold a laptop, the height of the table is just right, and you will not be tired after surfing the Internet for long.

3. Telescopic paint TV cabinet

Price: ï¿¥ 1280

One of the biggest hobby of the snail dwellers is watching TV, of course, a practical TV cabinet is indispensable.

Two, open storage rack is light and practical

Total reference price: ï¿¥ 1105.00

1. IKEA Japanese-style lockers

Price: ï¿¥ 580

The lost habits of life should be changed. It can be used not only as a bookcase, but also as a sideboard. The space can be freely combined and used reasonably, and it is convenient to disassemble.

2. Simple and stylish book shelf

Price: ¥ 446

This open shelf can hold both books and discs. You can pick up your favorite ones by watching discs at home on weekends.

3. Color wall-mounted display racks

Price: $ 79

The candy-colored shelf itself is a beautiful landscape on the wall. In the world of the dwelling, the eye-catching colors also need to be refreshed.

3. A trace of aura in the bedroom

Total reference price: ï¿¥ 163.00

1. Fabric pillow

Price: from ¥ 15

Take a nap and laze at leisure on the weekend, of course, a soft pillow is indispensable.

2. Simulated plant bonsai

Price: ï¿¥ 58

Life is not just a monotonous concrete wall or a monitor, adding a plant, when you wake up in the morning, you see a vibrant green in the corner.

3. The restaurant has framed pictures

Price: ¥ 90

Two decorative paintings are hung in appropriate locations to reflect the personal taste of life.

Build a light and pure cottage 12 Japanese home single products recommended

Japanese wood-colored small family of gourmets-case analysis

Written in front: Wood color is one of the indispensable colors. Elegant wood color can not only free us from busy work, to enjoy the warmth and simplicity of life, but also reflect purity in relatively simple lines and colors. Light room atmosphere. The space uses the peaceful colors commonly used in Japanese, and the simple line shape fills the entire house.

Matching needs: He is a culinary master who likes the elegant Japanese life and pursues a pure and elegant room atmosphere.

The light wood-grained diamond rug feels warm and natural, and the beige fabric sofa stands quietly there, pure and beautiful.

Closer to the lens, the sofa cushions are also very imaginative. The ink style and the two black and white diamond-patterned cushions are both elegant and freehand.

The wood-colored bar-shaped dining table, the aroma of wood mixed with the aroma of food, makes people's appetite, the mix of metal dining chairs and solid wood dining chairs, also do not have some fun.

Want to build an identical Japanese-style cottage? Xiaobian recommends the following products for you, click here to turn the page to understand

1. Unique log furniture

Total reference price: ï¿¥ 1384.25

1. Living room corner sofa

Price: from ¥ 445

The sofa fabric of cotton and linen reveals a clean and natural atmosphere. The simple linear design of the three-seater is simple but versatile.

2. Creative Japanese folding solid wood coffee table

Price: ï¿¥ 249

The log-style coffee table is the most suitable for this simple shape of the sofa. It will not over grab the limelight, and it is more than a few. It can be a coffee table, a computer table, a small dining table ...

3. Nordic style solid wood edge table

Price: ï¿¥ 690

Each piece is unique. The textures imparted by the original pine wood are varied, varying in size, with a casual, natural and innocent attitude.

Second, there is a famous chair at home

Total reference price: ï¿¥ 3814.00

1. Modern minimalist dining table

Price: $ 2260

The concise and simple shapes, the construction of restrained and elegant artworks, all explain the warm and lively atmosphere of life.

2. Tolix metal fashion chair

Price: ï¿¥ 539

The simple and simple shape, the specific color, and the art of restrained and elegant construction, it is a chair, one is an artwork.

3. Simple antique suitable furniture

Price: ï¿¥ 766

It is a happy thing for a family to enjoy a wonderful meal time. At the dinner table, spend a warm moment, no day and night, breakfast, afternoon, night.

4. Ital four-layer microwave rack

Price: ï¿¥ 189

Effective use of corner space, kitchen, living room, balcony, dining room, as long as there is a need to put one, the storage capacity is absolutely beyond your imagination.

5. Afternoon tea has picture frame painting

Price: from ¥ 60

Japanese styles generally choose the more restrained colors of white and wood, but you can also choose one or two brightly colored decorative paintings to decorate your living space.

Three, add some soft tone

Total reference price: ï¿¥ 117.80

1. Office color waist pillow

Price: from ¥ 10

The pillow is made of high-quality fabric, which is soft and delicate, comfortable and breathable, and has strong wear resistance and high quality.

2. Soft pillow with fabric decoration

Price: ï¿¥ 10

The diamond-shaped checkered cushions and the texture of cotton and linen fabrics make people feel very warm and interpret the classic beauty.

3. Crafting of Harbor House clay pots

Price: ï¿¥ 98

The seemingly rough workmanship gives this pottery flower pot a bit more natural and simple beauty, which is also the original ecology pursued by the Japanese style.

Stay in the forest chalet

Classic living room of literary and artistic couples-case analysis

Netizens' comments: After 1980s, the couples have different interpretations of the "simple style". Although they are only 70 square meters in size, after careful planning by the young couple, they pay attention to the partition of the room. Things, two birds with one stone, simple storage, in addition to the general storage function, the room also meets the aesthetic needs of the two.

Matching needs: The couple has certain requirements for the quality of life, and the lively attitude of life, but also the strong literary and artistic taste.

The living room is not large, it is enough to put a small double sofa, and the warm orange solid wood floor is more warm and natural under the light of the light.

The living room, aisle and bedroom are trinity, and the shared wall is made into a modeling wall, painted with dark gray diatom mud, several patchwork partitions, plus a few black and white impression decorative paintings, with a strong artistic atmosphere.

The living room space is too small, so the TV cabinet was abandoned.

Standing in the bedroom and looking at the living room, dining room and kitchen, we found that the house was actually a large room, which was obvious at a glance.

The dining room is located between the kitchen and the living room. The wooden table with the same color as the floor is the place for the couple to dine. The bright green artificial flowers on the table echo the green of the balcony. Although the restaurant is small and small, it has plenty of light on the balcony , As if you can smell the fresh taste of nature.

Want to build an identical literary cottage? Xiaobian recommends the following products for you, click here to turn the page to understand

1. It is healthier to use curved wooden furniture

Total reference price: ¥ 2204.00

1. Beech telescopic dining table

Price: ï¿¥ 1710

The variable-size dining table has always been the darling of small-sized restaurants. The surface is only painted with a layer of varnish, which retains the texture and color of the solid wood. Such a dining table certainly has a good appetite.

2. Fashion creative plastic leisure chair

Price: from ¥ 155

A typical IKEA-style product, the chair is simple and exquisite in shape, with slender chair legs like a strolling deer, jumping lightly.

3. Black and white red leather dining chair

Price: ï¿¥ 339

The beautiful curve of curved wooden furniture is that other furniture cannot fully take into account the ups and downs of the human body, which reduces the fatigue caused by long-term sitting and makes the human body more comfortable.

2. Free combination of cabinets to give free play to creativity

Total reference price: ï¿¥ 1031.36

1. Simple double leather sofa

Price: ï¿¥ 880

Two-person leather sofa, solid wood sofa legs, solid and durable.

2. New Visual Four-layer Bookshelf

Price: ï¿¥ 148

The free combination of partition cabinets allows you to play interesting inspiration, create a simple and atmospheric shape, and convey an extremely simple concept.

3. Kitchen racks

Price: from 3

Although the shape of the shelf is simple, it is very versatile. You can stack it up and down according to your own ideas to achieve the effect you want.

3. Let every bit of memory be set on the wall

Total reference price: ï¿¥ 380.84

1. Australian wool sofa cushion

Price: from ¥ 178

The whole piece of pure wool cushions, you absolutely need such a piece in winter, you can use it as a carpet, sofa cushion, bay window cushion, a sense of luxury!

2. High-end simulation floral hyacinth

Price: ï¿¥ 98

Hyacinths are the messengers of spring. The lush flower balls are clustered together. It looks very lively. It only needs to be inserted into a simple glass bottle to be beautiful.

3. Creative combination of photo frame wall

Price: ï¿¥ 105

Each photo leaves your little memories and beautiful stories. Photo grabbing helps you show these photos that carry important family memories.

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