A new round of industrial transformation in the aging test chamber industry is gestating and emerging

In the past decade, China has become the world's second largest economy and has far-reaching influence in many industries around the world, including the instrumentation industry. The continuous growth of China's economy has also stimulated the demand for aging test chambers. Its market has developed at a double-digit rate for a long time, making China one of the most important instrumentation markets in the world. All along, the instrumentation industry has received a lot of attention from people in the industry, and is full of confidence in the relatively active market of leading companies in the market. Faced with the current situation in China, such as the priority of government expenditures, global outsourcing trends, food safety and environmental crises, the future of the Chinese instrumentation market will undergo even greater changes. Perhaps the most important trend in China's instrument market is the continuous development of China's domestic instruments, which will also become a strong competitor of domestic import companies. In addition, many domestic companies already have the scale and strength to operate globally.

As one of the well-known enterprises of environmental testing equipment, Beijing Yashilin has been adhering to the business philosophy of "innovation, surpassing, precision, and truth-seeking" since its listing to verify product strength, deepen brand connotation, and undertake to ensure the normal and orderly development of the market. The responsibility of enterprise service has created a good brand and quality reputation for Yashilin Instruments. With the starting point of "optimizing enterprise resources and enhancing product core competitiveness", Yashilin seeks to establish a sincere cooperative partnership with customers to maximize customer benefits. Yashilin is committed to providing optimized solutions to improve customer product quality, promote the development of quality assurance in various industries in China, establish its own industry leading position, and then squeeze into the global market.

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