Three-dimensional solid laser scanner assists children's dental medical research

Nihon University School of Dentistry uses 3D solid laser scanner to assist children's dental medical research

● Before the introduction of LPX-600, the measurement and management of the dentition model were very troublesome and hard

As a cutting-edge research organization for children's dentistry, the Institute of Pediatrics and Dentistry of the School of Dentistry of the Japanese University of Dentistry in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan is studying the changes in the common skeleton of deciduous teeth and permanent teeth of children in the growing period.

The 37-year-old medical director Mr. Kikuchi Yuanhong said: "We use the changes in dentition, the function of the jaw and the appearance of the jaws as the basic meshing changes from childhood to adulthood as the basic research. To carry out this research, we must conduct a correlation study. To have a large amount of sample data, in the past, the human dentition model was obtained first, and then the shape was measured manually to obtain the relevant data. The entire process is very tedious and laborious, and it takes a lot of time. Moreover, the storage and storage of the dentition model is also A headache. "

Mr. Kikuchi Yuanhong

Dentition model ● Now the LPX-600 can scan more than 10 dentition models per day on average, high-speed scanning is its specialty

After knowing that Roland of Japan started to sell the PICZA LPX-600 non-contact laser scanner, Mr. Kikuchi Yuanhong immediately purchased one. "LPX-600 can quickly scan the entire dentition model and convert it into usable data, eliminating the need for cumbersome manual operations, and even the storage of the model is unnecessary. LPX-600 can also faithfully reproduce the unevenness of the surface of the tooth mold The situation and the high precision are unexpected. "Mr. Judi Yuanhong said happily. "We classify and save all the data obtained by scanning, and we can quickly retrieve the desired data anytime, anywhere, and the research efficiency has been greatly improved. The purchase of LPX-600 has solved many problems for us so far, and compared with other lasers As far as the scanner is concerned, its price is also very cheap, so we plan to buy another one. "

Now, the LPX-600 can scan more than 10 dentition models per day on average, and the data obtained is also databaseized. After cooperating with the application software developed by the institute itself, all the data can be flexibly applied to various research purposes such as virtual demonstrations, motion simulation and so on.
The gray device on the right in the picture is the non-contact laser scanner PICZA LPX-600

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