Some problems in the installation and debugging of offset press equipment

With the expansion and demand of the printing business, many enterprises have added new offset press equipment. The standard installation and commissioning of new equipment is a problem that cannot be ignored by users. It is related to the normal use of new equipment and the major problems of product quality. Therefore, the author briefly talked about some issues that should be paid attention to in the installation and debugging of offset printing equipment.

1. The foundation of the installation must meet the standard requirements

I have heard and witnessed such an example: a private printing factory purchased a J2205 offset printing machine. After installing and using it in the new workshop for a short time, there have been frequent failures. The accuracy of the machine has deteriorated. It is difficult to rule out that product quality cannot be guaranteed. In desperation, resell this offset press to another user. After the buyer bought the second mobile phone for installation and adjustment, the accuracy of the machine was significantly better than before, and the performance was relatively stable. The failures in the printing process can be quickly eliminated on site and the quality of the printed products is normal. The same offset presses installed before and after the above two will have such a big difference in performance and quality. After analysis, the reason is that the foundation quality of the equipment installation is different. The quality of the foundation installed by the former does not meet the requirements, and the quality of the foundation installed by the latter. And the installation quality is normal. Because the equipment foundation has a direct impact on equipment installation quality, equipment accuracy and the stability and retention of accuracy, as well as the quality of processed products. Therefore, equipment installation is one of the important links in the preliminary management work of the equipment. Prior to equipment installation, the design and production quality of the equipment foundation shall be paid attention to so as to comply with the national standard requirements for power machine basic design specifications and the equipment installation specifications. It is obviously very important for the normal use of equipment and even the guarantee of product quality.

Second, debugging and leveling to maintain its stability

The standard equipment installation should be based on the equipment process plan layout and related installation technical requirements (such as the installation requirements on the equipment product description), install the equipment to be installed on the basis of the specification, level and stabilize, to meet the requirements of the installation specification, And through debugging, operation, make it meet the requirements of the production process.

The new offset press equipment has been tested for running before leaving the factory, and all technical indicators have met the factory standards. However, in view of the movement during loading and unloading, the vibration of long-distance transportation and the technical level of installation, it is inevitable that the accuracy of the machine will be affected. Therefore, after the new machine is normally installed, it should be commissioned according to the acceptance contract items and the technical specifications of the machine manual standard. Under normal circumstances, leveling after installation is in place. The purpose of installation is to maintain its stability, reduce vibration, avoid deformation, prevent unreasonable wear, ensure the normal coordination and coordinated operation of machine spare parts, and ensure the accuracy of processing . The horizontality of the offset printing machine set in the longitudinal direction (along the length of the machine) and the transverse direction (the direction of the axis of the printing cylinder), etc., are required to be clearly specified in the product manual, which is the basis for leveling after the machine is installed.

3. Several items that should be debugged

1. No-load operation. Including variable speed empty car operation and highest speed empty car operation. Listen to the machine for abnormal noise, and observe whether the machine body has any special vibration.

2. Trial printing. Full version 50% dot printing (use 40-60l / cm). The red and cyan printing of general supplies is relatively obvious to see whether the ideas are strong and clear. It is best to attach a creed when printing, so as to observe the expansion rate of each part of the network. At the same time, full-page solid printing is also carried out to see if the ink color is uniform, plain clothes, whether there are ink bars, etc.

3. Registration situation. Observe the surrounding crosshairs, including bite, trailing edge, body and outward registration, and self-registration (that is, the printed sheet is overprinted again), whether it meets the quality requirements of the machine.

4. Oil leakage. Generally, it is more accurate to observe after the machine is running normally for a day or two.

5. After the machine is normally used for one month or one quarter, the axial level of the impression cylinder, the plate cylinder and the longitudinal level of some parts are tested with a level meter. Compared with the level at the time of installation, the error variation is relatively large ( Beyond the requirements in the manual), you must carefully analyze the cause and then use it.

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