Fire board product features

1. The energy-saving right-weight lightweight strip series is produced by using non-soil raw materials. The energy-saving features of the products are also reflected in the three aspects of heat insulation, heat preservation and sound insulation. With good thermal insulation function, the indoor temperature is kept at a constant level to achieve energy saving effect.

2. The lightweight and lightweight slat series is the lightest high-tech new material among all solid wall materials. Compared with other wall materials, the weight ratio is 1:5 or more, which can greatly reduce the main body load and save costs.

3. The standard thickness of the thin and light strip series is between 6cm and 18cm, which is compared with the traditional block phase (12cm-28cm), which greatly saves the building space, improves the practical area and reduces the cost.

4. The high-strength and light-duty strip series has good impact resistance. After testing by the national professional testing organization, the bending failure load is more than 3 times the load-bearing weight (1.5 times of the national standard), and the compressive strength is 5/mpa or more. The national standard is 3.5/Mpa), and the hanging force is 1500/N or more (the national standard is 1000/N).

5, the sound insulation and light strip series of internal components (EPS polystyrene particles) have good sound insulation and sound absorption. For example, the sound insulation of the 90mm thick plate is 45dB, the national standard is 35dB, and the traditional block sound insulation is 20dB.

6, fire, waterproof, green and environmental protection energy-saving sheet material is mainly a mixture of polystyrene particles, cement and fly ash, the fire resistance limit at 1000 ° C for 4 hours, non-combustibility up to the national A-standard, while Does not emit any toxic gas, fully in line with international environmental standards; can be used to make water in containers without plastering, without any leakage.

7. Convenient construction, civilized construction and short construction period No sand, cement and other materials are needed in the construction. The materials are simple, efficient, small in size, occupying less resources such as site equipment and no construction waste. No plastering is required after construction. The traditional block wall requires 12 people for 60 minutes of construction, and it takes only 3 people and 60 minutes to complete the right plate, saving labor costs.


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