Introduction of mechanical dust removal equipment

Mechanical dust removal equipment Inertial dust removal equipment is a dust removal equipment that causes dusty gas to collide with a baffle or sharply change the direction of airflow, and uses inertial force to separate and trap dust. Inertial dust removal equipment is also known as inert dust removal equipment.

Inertial dust removal equipment is divided into collision type and rotary type: the former is to install one or more baffles along the airflow direction, and the dusty gas collides with the baffle to separate the dust particles from the gas. Obviously, the higher the velocity of the gas before it hits the baffle, the lower the collision, the less dust it carries, and the higher the dust removal efficiency. The latter is to make the dust-containing gas change direction multiple times and separate the dust during the turning process. The smaller the radius of curvature of the gas turning. The higher the steering speed, the higher the dust removal efficiency.

The performance of inertial dust removal equipment varies by structure. When the flow rate of the gas in the apparatus is 10 m/s or less, the pressure loss is between 200 and 1000 Pa, and the dust removal efficiency is 50% to 70%. In practical applications, inertial dust removal equipment is generally placed in the first stage of a multi-stage dust removal system to separate coarser particles of dust. It is especially suitable for capturing dry dust with particle size greater than 10μm. Not suitable for removing cohesive dust and fibrous dust. Inertial dust removal equipment can also be used to separate droplets. In this case, the flow rate of the gas in the equipment is preferably 1-2 m/s.

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