Intelligent Engine

The Telemecanique (r) Altivar(r)71 variable speed AC engine can control engines up to 700 hp. Dual microprocessors and engine control algorithms provide the basis for calibrating torque performance and speed. The design of the engine fully considers the ease of use of the user and achieves a friendly interface with an easy-to-read large LCD display that can display text. The LCD screen is also equipped with a navigation wheel that allows the operator to scroll up and down the menu for easy reading. A quick-open menu contains a macro configuration to assist with the trial run. The engine integrates the Modbus(r) and CanOpen protocols to ensure integration with any device-level network at a lower cost. PowerSuite software configures, monitors and diagnoses via Ethernet or Bluetooth wireless connections. The integrated oscilloscope function can detect possible operational offsets on the machine. The engine complies with IEC, EN, CSA, and UL 508C standards. The application range includes raw material handling, packaging, and other applications.

Source: Packaging Expo

Pet bags or carriers in different material, such as fabric, plastic, or on wheels are getting popularity around the world. Sometimes dogs are required to be carried in carriers on public transportation or just easier to bring your dogs around to keep them calm in new or loud environment.


We have pet sling bags that allow you to take care of your pet like a baby while you walk or exercise.

Pet carrier 

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Pet Mobiler


Pet strollers are a more extensive carrier that you can bring a few of your dogs together in a trip. And also keep your other belongings on the stroller to save you strength for the walk.


Pet folding carriers are space saving carrier that can be stored and assembled easily in a few minutes with a zipper.

Foldable carrier


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PERCELL PET is established in 1978 with offices located in Taipei, Taiwan and Guangdong, China. Currently, Percell Pet partners with more than 49 distributors around the world and carries thousands of quality pet supplies for dogs, cats, birds, fresh and salt water fishes, reptiles and small animals, like rabbits and ferrets, etc from Taiwan and China.

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Dog Carrier

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