Business card design considerations

It has been caused by inconvenience of imposition due to the fact that many customers do not draft the document, sometimes affecting the quality of the finished product. It is therefore necessary to describe the specification of the manuscript (here with CoreIDRAW software, a normal business card 9 x 5.4mm as a demonstration) in this example.

1. Create a new document, save the name of the name of the business card company to be added according to the name of the intermediary. To print the business card shown in Figure 1, first create three blank rectangular frames: Bleeding frame (black box): 93×57mm; Finished box (red box): 90×54mm; Typesetting box (blue box): 86×50mm . Align the three boxes up and down, as shown in Figure 2.

2. In the typesetting box (blue box), all the contents that need to be typed are arranged in a coordinated manner (it is not necessary to wait for the content to be close to the typesetting line. For example, 2mm from the typesetting line is better). Pay attention to important contents such as logos and texts not to be excluded from the typesetting box (blue box), otherwise it may be lost.

3, business cards to the business card edge color color / picture / portrait, etc., increase it to the bleeding box (black box) (note that important parts do not run out of the layout box, especially the portrait of the face, etc. do not run out Typography box, otherwise it may be cut to) to facilitate cutting (cause the cut is not allowed nor white edges).

4, in the confirmation of the layout of the final content, such as no change, the layout box (blue box) removed as shown in Figure 3, the requirements (paper, boxes, glue, pressure lines, irregular, there are finished sizes, etc. ), contact information (contact phone number, contact address, contact person), delivery (shipping) address, price, etc., are saved in the file. Then send all the texts to the company and 15 minutes later call our company to confirm the order.

5, there is the same side of the production.

6, other size cards, such as folding cards, folded cards, long cards, etc., the same as the finished size on the basis of plus and minus 1.5mm made of bleeding frame (black box), in the finished product size based on the up and down Reduce the size of 2mm and make a layout frame (blue box) to typeset. Note: For the front and back side of the fold card, please indicate the fold line on the manuscript (whether or not you want to press the line, please mark it as well).

Another: Do not overprint all the fill (especially the anti-white can not be overprinted, otherwise there is no anti-white), coloring must use CoreIDRAW four color printing CMYK color, black do not use four-color black (C100/ M100/Y100/K100) fill, network ash should be filled with more than 8%, images also use CMYK format, 350DPI.

Source: Color Star Business Card Printing Network

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