Analysis of Causes and Countermeasures of Abnormal Net Prints

Shaiban is one of the key links before printing. The quality of the printing quality directly affects the quality of the printing. If the printing plate is not clean, the surface of the finished product will be grayed out. The printing quality will be greatly reduced, and even become Defective, then, what are the causes of the net print? How to solve it in production practice?

First, the exposure time is insufficient. The printing time is determined according to the type of the printing machine, the thickness of the printing plate, the thickness of the photosensitive layer of the printing plate, and the material of the printing plate, film material, and the like. For the first time in the unfamiliar platemaking machine, it is best to test the signal first and then set the exposure time. Afterwards, it will save trouble.

Second, the development time is not enough. The development time depends on the performance of the developer, the concentration and the plate material, generally in 30 seconds, the time can not be too long nor too short, too long to easily eroded the graphic, too short text part is not clear, blank part Not clean.

Third, the developer concentration is too low. If the developer is used more often or for a longer period of time, the concentration of the developer will be reduced and the performance will be reduced. This will result in the appearance of the graphic part being unclear and the blank part being grayed out. Therefore, it is best to use developer for a certain number of times or after a period of time, and then add a suitable proportion according to the situation, so as to save material and use the material profitably.

Fourth, film is not clean. After the film is made, the hand must be in contact with it. In the process of contact, it may be stained with fingerprints, dust and other dirt. Before the printing, you should wipe it with alcohol on the front and back sides of the film, and the printed version will be clean and tainted.

5. There is dust on the glass cover of the printer. The glass cover is often placed outside, if you do not use it for a long time will be covered with a layer of dust, so that the sun out of the version will also appear the phenomenon of the sun is not clean. It is best to wipe the glass cover before exposure.

Author: Diao Shi exhibition

Source: Henan Publishing Secondary Vocational College

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