How to make thermosetting ink printing screen

The thermosetting ink printing screen can use either solvent-based or water-based photoresist, and the plate making procedures and processes are not different from conventional ones. However, since the thermosetting ink printing technology is often used to print fine dot patterns and three-dimensional graphics, high resolution or super-thick screens are often required. The production of high-resolution or super-thin screens, compared to the color-block graphic screens, undoubtedly requires a better device and a more refined technical requirement.

The equipment mainly refers to the printing machine, and the key to the printing machine is the light source. Generally small and medium-sized printing stones are made with self-made printing machine, the light source often uses ultraviolet or fluorescent tubes, its two major weaknesses are: First, uneven illumination, the intensity of light in each lamp is different (the longer the difference in the use of the longer) The light between the two lamps is also significantly weaker than the lamp vertically; the second is low light intensity.

Making high-resolution fine dot screens requires uniform illumination, because the dots themselves are very small, especially 10% and 90% of the dots, so the tiny dots are very sensitive to ultraviolet light, and the sensitivity is slightly stronger, 10%. ~40% of outlets (ie, black dots on screens) may not be developed due to overexposure to light; sensitization is slightly weaker, and 70% to 90% of outlets (ie, transparent outlets on screens) may be Due to insufficient photosensitivity, it is washed away during the development process. Therefore, if the illumination radiation of the light source of the printing machine is not uniform, the development effect of the same size dot at the strong point and the weak point of the radiation radiation is certainly not the same, and such a screen plate is of course unqualified.

The production of very thick screens requires strong UV radiation. If the radiation is weak, it will take 1 to 2 hours to burn a super-thick screen, which is not only time-consuming, but also due to the refraction of the light for a long time, the vertical plane of the screen thickness pattern will produce a gradient.

Therefore, the production of high-resolution or super-thick screen must use high-power iodine lamp printing machine, of course, the best vacuum suction, no vacuum suction device is also possible.

The key to technology is to determine the precise exposure time. As mentioned before, making high-resolution fine dot screens requires accurate radiation, but how can you accurately determine the exposure time? Most printing companies have not used exposure test strips, and they have not even heard of them. However, in order to easily produce high-quality, high-resolution fine dot screens, it is best to buy an exposure test film. Otherwise, it will take a lot of time and waste a lot of photosensitive resin as a tuition fee.

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