Transparent high-temperature cooking barrier film Cola

Kuraray Co., Ltd. has developed a transparent high temperature cooking barrier film called KURARISTERTM Cola Listre. The product was developed on the basis of Kuraray's use of nanometer technology and related barrier material technology accumulated in the development of its high-barrier resin EVOH. This product has excellent high temperature cooking and gas barrier properties, as well as high transparency similar to PET.

Because the inorganic material used is nano-sized particles, its surface area is more than 1000 times that of ordinary composite materials. The inorganic material with a large surface area strongly and effectively limits the movement of the polymer, thereby inhibiting the penetration of gas molecules such as oxygen. KURARISTER Cola-Lite film has excellent resistance to high temperature retort, high gas barrier and high transparency. Even after high-temperature cooking with different cooking methods, temperatures, or times, the barrier properties change little, and the appearance such as transparency is almost constant. At the same time, the oxygen barrier property of the composite membrane after cooking is not reduced due to the folding curl, thus ensuring a stable and reliable barrier function. With the advantages of non-crimping, corona-free, and convenient operation, as a good barrier packaging material replacing the aluminum foil composite packaging, there will be greater application prospects and development space.

Color Offset Paper is a printing machine stained paper developed and produced by the United States Paper Industry in 2008. Coloured offset paper is a type of printing machine stained paper developed and produced by the United States Paper Industry in 2008. The products are divided into three colors: light, medium and dark, with a total of 27 colors. They are: ivory white, eggshell yellow, beige, light yellow, light yellow 1, light yellow 2, lemon yellow, golden yellow, orange, orange, light green, green, green parrot green, green -10, dark green, pink, rose red, peach red, big red, coffee, light purple, purple, purple, purple, shilan, Lake blue, blue; The production machine is 1760 mm paper machine, the weight range is: 70-150g; Commonly used specifications: 787 * 1092mm, 850 * 1194mm, 889 * 1194mm. After nearly 10 years of production, the color offset paper has a uniform fiber structure, flat paper, high thickness, tensile strength and surface printing strength, impermeable printing, no hair powder, high adhesive degree, low overall quantitative difference, and less dust. The products are of stable quality and of excellent quality. They are widely used in printing, advertising, trademarks, publicity.

Color Offset Paper

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