Furniture also has its own body decoration to plan in advance to see the data

The bedroom is 3.7 meters long from north to south and 3.5 meters from east to west. Is the 1.5 meter wide bed or 1.8 meter bed? Don't think that there is enough space to choose your bed. The designer will tell you right away that it is more appropriate to place a 1.5-meter bed.

Don't be surprised that the interior designer can report the data so quickly. In addition to the standard size that the country has to follow for a series of furniture manufacturers, each designer also has a set of reference dimensions. The industry's management of these dimensions is called ergonomics. Learning is their compulsory course. The interviewed designer told reporters that the layout of each house is different, but the basic parameters of the human body are not very different, even if the size of the furniture produced on site is almost the same, the owner knows the basic size a little, which helps to use more. Satisfied household items.

Every piece of furniture has a standard body

"The depth of the closet is generally 600 mm. If the sliding door is installed, it will be slightly wider. You have to leave room for the rail." Designer Chen Ping said that the size is based on the shoulder width of the person. The shoulder width of the average person is not Will exceed 600 mm. Setting the depth of the wardrobe to 600 mm ensures that the clothes hanging sideways will not touch the wardrobe door. If the shoulders of the family are generally narrow, you can consider the wardrobe with a depth of 550 mm. The wardrobe with a depth of less than 500 mm can not be used. .

The cabinet depth of the cabinet is between 550 mm and 600 mm, the cabinet depth of the cabinet is 300 mm to 350 mm, the distance between the cabinets is 800 mm, and the height of the cabinet is 850 mm... this is a cabinet The data reported by the business to the reporter. Because the average housewife is between 150 cm and 165 cm tall, these dimensions are based on their physical condition and are guaranteed to be more convenient for them to use the cabinet. He said that the sales staff of the brand cabinets will actively help the consumers to adjust the cabinet size. If consumers ask the woodworker to make cabinets, it is necessary to record these data.

The depth of the shoe cabinet is guaranteed to be 300 mm. In addition, the furniture such as shoe cabinets, dining tables, dining chairs and the like also have their own "standard body". The depth of the shoe is guaranteed to be 300 mm (the shoe cabinet with insufficient space can be considered as a diagonal partition), the height of the bed is generally 450 mm, the height of the dining table is 750 mm, the height of the dining chair is 400 mm-450 mm, and the height of the bookcase is not allowed. Less than 22 cm (a book height of 32 open)... This is the data provided by four designers from different companies to reporters. These are the experiences they have drawn from the actual work, and the country's standard for the standard size of furniture is also very close, can be used as a reference for the newcomers.

The designer advises the consumer that since the furniture is based on the user's body to determine the "standard body", American and European furniture will be larger than the Chinese furniture. For example, the Chinese table is generally at a height of 700-800 mm, the height of the western table is at least 760 mm, and the height of the dining chair is also increased in proportion.

There is also a safe distance in the decoration

Not only does the home have a standard body, but the hard decoration also has many distances that make the user more comfortable and safe. Senior designer Mr. Duan suggested that before the start of construction, the owner should first look for the construction specifications of this decoration project. It is better to have the concept of size from the beginning of the laying of hydropower pipes. The most feared size of the home improvement is the height of the power outlet and the guardrail of the floor-to-ceiling windows. The socket is too low from the ground. If there is no safe insert, there is a danger of electric shock when the adults drag the floor and the children play; the protection of the guardrail is even more important.

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