Formaldehyde pollution hazard

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The current formaldehyde pollution in the home improvement industry is still very common, for the wardrobe products, the presence of formaldehyde is not uncommon. In this regard, wardrobe consumers must pay attention to avoiding the high formaldehyde content of the wardrobe products when the product is purchased.

Wardrobe purchase

Formaldehyde pollution hazard

Smell the smell

Experts suggest that when consumers buy wardrobes, they can first close to the drawers and wardrobes of the wardrobe, sniffing with the nose to see if there is a pungent smell, if you feel a strong pungent smell, accompanied by flow If you have discomfort such as tears, you should not buy such a wardrobe.

View product certificate

Secondly, the wardrobe factory should provide the certificate of the raw material inspection to see if the materials used by the manufacturer are qualified, and the quality of the materials from the wardrobe is good. In addition, the edge of the panel of the wood-based panel should be carefully checked for edge sealing, because the formaldehyde on the edge of the panel is the most effective. According to the standard of the wardrobe, the edge of the panel of the panel must be edge-sealed.

Complaints in case of non-conforming products

If the odor is still heavy after a period of time, it is recommended that the consumer apply to the relevant quality inspection department for inspection. The wardrobes sold in the market must comply with the national standard gb18584-2001 "Limits of Hazardous Substances in Interior Decoration Materials Wardrobe". The formaldehyde emission in the wardrobe is ≤1.5mg/l. If the inspection results indicate that the formaldehyde emission exceeds the standard, consumers can The department complained that it was required to change the qualified wardrobe or return it.

Be wary of children's wardrobe paint film

Consumers should pay sufficient attention to the harmful substances such as lead, chromium, cadmium and mercury in the paint film of children's wardrobes when purchasing children's wardrobes. The paint sprayed on the closet should meet the requirements for the limit of harmful substances in the wood coating. Consumers should purchase quality-assured products from formal enterprises. When using, it is best not to put food, especially acidic foods, directly on the table to avoid eating these soluble heavy metals.

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