The Rejuvenation Opportunity of Plastic Liquor Bottles

In recent years, traditional liquor sales channels have been sluggish, and the liquor market has gone through more than a decade of gold development. Under the influence of various factors, the liquor industry is currently experiencing difficulties and needs to find a breakthrough. In the past, during the period of rapid development of white wine, the high-end packaging of liquor bottles was the main trend, and liquor bottles were mainly based on white materials, baked flowers, and spraying. Liquor bottle packaging prices are also high. Glass bottle manufacturers also produce and sell high-end liquor bottles. Now that liquor sales are in a sluggish state, the glass bottle market has also been greatly affected.

In contrast to the traditional sales channels being blocked, the online shopping liquor market is experiencing rapid growth. Compared with traditional white liquor sales channels, online shopping liquor has a lower price, and customers also change from traditional gifts to their own consumption. Out of this consumption feature. At present, there is a new opportunity for plastic bottles. In the past, plastic bottles were almost impossible to find in the liquor packaging market because of insufficient packaging quality. Now, with the development of online shopping, the advantages of plastic bottles have gradually shown, because glass bottles are brittle in the express link. In this way, plastic bottles can display their abilities. In addition, when shopping for white wine, prices need to have advantages over traditional channels, and customers mainly rely on their own consumption. This plastic bottle is more suitable. Therefore, plastic liquor bottles will usher in the opportunity to regenerate their Jedi.

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