There are contraindications to acne: What should I do if I leave a acne mark?

I believe that many women are very upset about the acne marks on their faces. Some have tried various methods to remove acne marks, but the results are not satisfactory. In fact, when you go to the acne marks, you must also pay attention to some daily taboos, in order to completely remove the acne marks, then what are the taboos to pay attention to?

There are contraindications to acne: What should I do if I leave a acne mark?

1, wash your face often

It is normal to wash your face twice a day, but if you wash your face too many times, it will easily stimulate the secretory function of the sebaceous glands, making the sebaceous glands more and more irregular, showing the phenomenon of dry inside the oil.

2, hand itch acne

If the acne on the face is squeezed by hand or other tools, not only can it not effectively remove the acne, but it will cause secondary infection due to the bacteria on the hand, and even cause subcutaneous congestion, so that the acne marks are more difficult to disappear.

3, wipe face and care

The unintentional small movements of the face and the sputum will bring the bacteria in your hand to the face, allowing the bacteria to stay on the face, causing acne on your face or aggravating acne marks.

4. Drink water when you are thirsty.

Thirst is a manifestation of mild dehydration in the body. Drinking too little is prone to constipation, and the skin is prone to small acne.

5, love hot food

Hot foods increase the burden on the heart, causing a decrease in the quality of vitamin K in the blood, which worsens the condition of facial acne.

6, smoking >>> both blackheads and don't forget to tighten pores

Nicotine in cigarettes is not only bad for the health of the body, but also causes the accumulation of toxins in the blood and lymph, which causes the healing power of the skin to decrease, thereby indirectly aggravating the condition of the face.

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