Six unhealthy habits of the skin

Many people think that no matter how much skin care products are used, the skin has not been improved very well. Why?

1. Wash your face with hot water

A hot shower or bath will relax the body, but washing your face with hot water every day will cause excessive moisture loss, resulting in dry, rough skin and other health problems. Just help yourself and help your skin, wash your face while bathing, please adjust the water to a slightly hot temperature.

Seven bad habits of unhealthy skin

2. You love sweets

Quickly put down the chocolate bar in your hand to reduce wrinkles. Excessive intake of sugar can damage collagen that increases skin's elasticity, leaving the skin slack and premature. It turns out that candy is not the only source of sugar intake. Be alert to carbohydrates because they are easily converted into sugar (eg potatoes, cupcakes and bread). Try to choose foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin C instead.

Seven bad habits of unhealthy skin

3. You are not taking action

Spending a few hours a week on the gym can make your skin healthier. Exercise accelerates blood circulation and adds radiance to your skin from the inside. At the same time, sweat also brings out the toxins in the body. Just pay attention to cleaning work before and after exercise to prevent acne.

Seven bad habits of unhealthy skin

4. Cotton bedding you use

There is nothing wrong with cotton bedding, but considering the smooth texture of silk, it is gentler to the hair and facial skin. Its soft fabric also helps to lock in the body's moisture and prevent skin dehydration. In addition, its cool properties also make the skin feel more comfortable and healthier, not dry and rough.

Seven bad habits of unhealthy skin

5. Your indulgence

Please say "no" to the greedy cup before going to bed. Alcohol can cause dehydration of the skin, make your face edema, and disturb your beauty. Smoking is one of the big killers of the skin by slowing blood circulation and accelerating skin aging.

Seven bad habits of unhealthy skin

6. Have a problem without looking for a dermatologist

Parents have been instilling regular visits to dentists and doctors, but what about dermatologists? If you have skin problems such as acne, you should ask the skin doctor for the first time, instead of using the skin care products. The dermatologist will tailor a skincare treatment for you to reveal skin hazards that are invisible to the naked eye. >>> Don't do boring men's men's skin care tips

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