A brief analysis of the characteristics and process of several environmentally friendly printing inks

Commonly used environmental protection inks are mainly high-temperature inks, water-based inks, and UV oils. High-temperature inks are more suitable for screen printing and tempering of glass products.

The biggest difference between water-based inks and solvent-based inks is that the solvent used is water instead of organic solvents, which significantly reduces VOC emissions, prevents air pollution, does not affect human health, is not easy to burn, ink is stable, colorful, and does not corrode Plate material, simple operation, low price, good adhesion after printing, strong water resistance, rapid drying, it is particularly suitable for food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and other packaging printed matter, is the world recognized environmental protection printing materials.

UV-curable (UV) inks are inks that use ultraviolet light of different wavelengths and energies to form and dry inks under ultraviolet light. Utilizing different UV spectra, different energy can be generated, and monomers in different ink binders can be polymerized into polymers, so the UV ink film has good mechanical and chemical properties. UV ink without solvent, drying speed, low energy consumption, good gloss, colorful, water, solvent resistance, good wear resistance.

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Make the most of your home or office with this height adjustable desk. It's perfect as a rolling podium or lectern for classrooms, or as a portable laptop desk for your home.

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