Glass bottle packaging is getting better and better. The market recycling system still needs to be improved.

[ppzhan Abstract] Glass packaging is one of the traditional packaging materials in China. It was very popular among consumers before the birth of plastic packaging. However, because of the fragile nature of glass, the high transportation costs have gradually been replaced by plastic packaging. Now with the continuous development of environmental awareness and health awareness, glass packaging that is safer and higher grades has gradually returned to the market, and it is particularly popular in the food packaging industry.

While the economy is constantly developing, people's living standards are constantly improving, which accelerates the development of environmental protection and health awareness. The plastic packaging market, which has many safety hazards, has begun to become deserted. Many types of glass packaging can be seen on the market today. In the past, in shopping malls and supermarkets, consumers may find it difficult to find a glass bottle of fresh milk, glass bottled dairy products, and more is one of the regional dairy enterprises to send milk to the household products. But now, in some large supermarkets, there are also many glass bottles of dairy products.

The return of glass packaging to the market glass bottles have gradually been replaced by plastic bottles, and there are various reasons. The most important reason is that the glass bottles are brittle, which causes them to encounter problems in many aspects.

First of all, in the circulation, because the glass bottles are fragile, this is a big problem for modern products that need to be transported over long distances. In order to prevent the glass bottle from being broken during transportation, the manufacturer needs to increase the cost to prevent the glass bottle from being broken. The current main practice is to use hollow boards and foam vacuum bag isolation. Secondly, in the showcase, we all know that the distribution of goods in the supermarket is a heavy job. The fragile glass bottle is more difficult for the staff to talk, and the supermarkets and other places are crowded. Consumers are vulnerable to safety hazards. . After the consumption, the fragile glass bottle has caused great trouble to consumers. For example, the beer bottle bursting every summer has caused great harm to consumers. For example, before the glass bottle was replaced by plastic bottle, more Consumers worry that broken glass bottles will cut children. But now that food safety is at the forefront, glass packaging with higher safety performance has become a good market.

Consumers who have purchased these dairy products say that the glass bottle is reminiscent of the feeling of drinking milk in the past, and the glass bottle is in his hand, and the feeling of heavyness is indeed different.

Some dairy people believe that the dairy industry has experienced various product concepts, and returning to the original has become a deep consumer demand. In the past when the material was relatively scarce, the simple and tasteful dairy products were a wonderful memory of a generation. In recent years, room temperature milk and fresh house packaging dairy products have occupied more commercial channels. Some dairy companies have regained the porcelain and glass-packed dairy products, which have been popular with some consumers after entering the market. This nostalgic trend has also appeared in more areas.

Of course, the glass bottles did not go to the challenge of the Tetra Pak, the fresh house in the dairy market. The person in charge of the dairy company said that the milk bottle and the yogurt in the glass bottle have a relatively short shelf life. Because the glass bottle has a large weight and the transportation cost will be higher, it can enter the local supermarket, partly because of the distribution advantage in the region. . In terms of total sales, it is only a small part compared to other packaging.

In addition to glass bottled dairy products re-appearing in supermarkets, in some supermarkets in Hangzhou, the appearance of glass bottles is also appearing more and more. Especially on imported food shelves, glass bottles of drinking water are common. In some of the supermarket's freshly squeezed juice counters, glass bottles replaced plastic cups, and as a juice container, many consumers also bought them. Of course, the price of these products is not low. In addition to supermarkets, diners will also notice that some catering companies in Hangzhou also use glass bottles that are more individual and directly serve as containers for drinking beverages.

According to a survey conducted by a British business information consultancy, the global glass bottle market has grown in recent years. In 2011, the global glass bottle market was 33.1 billion US dollars, and in 2012 it rose to 34.8 billion US dollars, and this year will increase to 36.8 billion US dollars. From 2011 to 2015, China's glass bottle production will increase to an average annual growth rate of 6% to 15.5 million tons. According to the survey, the glass bottle market in emerging countries and regions has grown significantly. Due to the rapid increase in national disposable income, consumption in cosmetics, food, beverages, etc. has increased significantly, and these areas are areas where glass bottles are used.

Zhang Yaoquan, an expert in the Chinese packaging industry and vice president of the China Packaging Federation, said that glass bottles are more traditional liquid packaging and have their own advantages in upgrading the packaging grade. "From the consumer's psychological point of view, if the glass bottle packaging has a unique shape design, it can increase the added value of the product." Zhang Yaoquan said, "especially dairy products, in developed countries, secondary brands and products, Use glass bottles more."

At the same time, compared with some packaging, "transparent glass bottles, consumers can directly see the packaging at a glance, it will also give consumers a feeling of convenient purchase." Zhang Yaoquan believes. In addition, glass generally does not chemically react with food and beverages, and it also gives consumers a feeling of safety.

In addition to the relationship between consumer psychology, Zhang Yaoquan said that in recent years, the degree of automation of glass bottles and the advanced level of equipment have been greatly improved. Many furnaces and production lines for producing glass containers have been introduced, using the world's advanced technology. The degree of automation is high, energy saving and production are large. Compared with the original production line, the quality is relatively good and the cost is low. "If the glass bottle is expensive, then the manufacturer must weigh the cost issue." Zhang Yaoquan said.

Recycling problems are left to be solved. Glass packaging provides protection for people's food safety while not contributing to their own environmental protection. In recycling, glass bottles are a bit tasteless compared to some other packaging. “In the past, I bought a bottle of beer in a small shop. After I finished drinking, I can go back and retreat. Now there are some glass bottles. If the quantity is small, you can also insert flowers and leave them at home to make a small display. But if you have more, you can only lose it. "There are consumers.

The glass bottles of fresh milk and yoghurt that consumers buy from the supermarket can be recycled to the nearest milking point after drinking. However, this part of the recycled glass bottle is not high for the second time. "The bottle of the subscriber channel, the subscriber will use the next day to collect the recycling, return to the factory can immediately carry out 13 cleaning processes, the secondary usage rate is high. The bottle of the supermarket channel products will stay longer in the consumer's home. There is wear and undefined pollution, and in order to ensure food safety, it is generally not reused,” said a person in charge of a dairy company.

In contrast, other glass bottles for food and beverage packaging, especially for imported goods, are less likely to be recycled by the merchants and may only be waiting for the waste to be collected. This still has a great pollution hazard to the environment.

Now that the packaging industry is developing in a green direction, if glass packaging wants to regain its foothold in this lost market, we must work hard in recycling and establish a perfect recycling system.

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