Beware of excessive skin care, natural skin care is king.

Ms. Wang is 31 years old this year. Since last winter, she has felt that her skin is particularly uncomfortable. In order to improve her skin, she used to go to a beauty salon every two weeks, and now she is going to a beauty salon for three days or a week. In addition to doing some basic care, in the beauty salon recommended, do exfoliation, detoxification and other care. After a while, she found that her skin condition did not improve, but instead began to rash and itchy. As a last resort, she can only go to the hospital for treatment. The doctor diagnosed that her skin was severely allergic.

The doctor said that the skin care done by Ms. Wang was obviously excessive. Frequent skin care caused her skin to be thinned as a whole, and there was a "plateau red" condition. The skin that was not allergic became an sensible body. In the season of allergies, serious allergies became a matter of course. The doctor told the author that in recent years, many women's "skins" are getting thinner and thinner, which is a curse of excessive care. For example, it is often exfoliated. In fact, this is not necessary for many girls, but many people go once a week, which leads to thinner and more hydrated skin.

Doctor's words: artificial intervention in the skin as the main cause

Many women now wear a lot of "clothes" on their faces before going out: lotions, lotions, moisturizers, creams, sunscreens, moisturizing sprays, lip balms. In addition, you have to go to the beauty salon to "charge", exfoliate, moisturize, whiten, freckle...

The doctor said that many women think that the more skin care products are painted, the more diligent and old the beauty salon is, the more common the skin care misunderstanding. In fact, the skin is not as fragile as people think. It has its own way of adjustment. Excessive manual intervention will destroy the balance of the skin. Even the best skin will not be able to eat.

The doctor tells the beauty woman that the best care for the skin is to reduce the irritation, not to add something to the skin. When the season changes, the skin should be as little as possible, and more water can be added. When washing your face, the movement should be as gentle as possible.

Of course, when the season changes, the skin appears dry and allergic, and it is inseparable from the daily routine, mental state, and eating habits. For example, people who are very anxious, the skin is prone to problems. In addition to dryness and allergies, it will also have dark spots and spots. Therefore, if you want good skin, you should drink less, eat less fried food, eat less spicy, sleep well, rest well, maintain a good mentality, and raise your skin naturally.

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