The key to hot summer maintenance is "oil reduction"

The hot summer is coming soon! The temperature rises day after day, and the amount of sebum secretion increases. Every 1 degree increase increases the oil output by 10%. It is no wonder that the face oil is the same as the fried egg. The key to summer maintenance is to “reduced oil”, and the maintenance items and techniques are changed, so that “fried eggs” become “boiled eggs”.

Scene1.T word explosion oil

The key to hot summer maintenance is "oil reduction"

The maintenance season is mainly based on moderate moisturizing to balance the oil and water ratio of the skin. Must change seasons of skin care products, experts recommend three:

1. Gentle cleanser, low oil (oil-free) moisturizer and refreshing sunscreen lotion.

2. Gentle cleansing: For oily skin, sebum cleansing is important but not excessive. Instead, it stimulates sebum secretion and washes more oil. Therefore, it is the key to gently clean the dirt without taking too much sebum.

3. Light moisturizing: In addition to the water loss after replenishing sunshine, it is necessary to rebuild the skin health barrier. It is recommended to purchase a bottle of gel-cream. The moisturizing power is similar to the lotion, but the touch is more fresh and comfortable, suitable for summer use. If it is very dry skin, you can continue to use the autumn and winter moisturizer, but the amount can be reduced, it feels not enough moisturizing, and then increase the amount.

Scene2. Pore cracking

The key to hot summer maintenance is "oil reduction"

According to dermatologists, the pore size is destined, and the improvement effect is limited! The skin care products can do “reducing oil” and “preventing pore relaxation”. Oil and relaxation will make the pores look obvious, and the sides of the nose will look like cloth. Full of oil and bright "doughnuts". For mature women, the pores can be used to balance the oil and water, to condense the pores, and to maintain the elasticity of the pores and prevent relaxation by taking the pore essence together with the collagen tissue.

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