Hue is the basic characteristic of ink

Each color is represented by the three characteristics of hue, lightness, and saturation, and thus the above three factors must be considered in the color matching process. Although black is theoretically the complete absorption of light, black ink still has a gloss. Screen printing ink is a mixture of pigment (toner) and resin binder. The pigment particles are surrounded by a layer of nearly transparent resin oil. This resin oil has refractive and reflective effects on light, so we can feel black ink. The print still has a certain degree of gloss on the substrate. In the ink color matching process, the ink used should be determined according to the actual printing process, ink layer thickness, printing substrate, and other conditions. When selecting the ink, the gloss, hue, tinting strength, hiding power of the ink itself must be considered.

1. Luster can be measured with the instrument, but it can also be judged by the naked eye, usually only by visual observation during the color matching process. Luster actually refers to the degree of the ability of an ink printed sample to reflect light in the same direction after being irradiated with light. Its direct influence on the appearance of prints is a very important indicator. At the same time, when selecting the ink, it is necessary to distinguish whether the ink itself is bright, semi-glossy or matte type ink, to avoid mixing errors.

2. Hue is the basic characteristic of color and is used for qualitative differences. When matching colors, the first thing to consider is whether the hue is the same, and the detection method is usually to scrape the paper by scraping or analog printing, with the person's eyes to compare the standard samples and samples.

3. Hiding power is the degree to which the ink covers its background. The better the hiding power is, the worse the transparency is, and the level of transparency affects the efficiency of the ink trapping and the degree of influence of the printed substrate.

4. Coloring power is a method of expressing the concentration of ink. The measurement is based on a certain amount of ink and then adding a certain amount of standard white ink to dilute and then compare with the standard sample. The difference in color strength reflects the degree of mixing of the ink and affects the thickness of the printing ink film.

Through the color identification scratch paper to do scratch test (Drowdown), you can compare the difference between the gloss, hue and hiding power of the ink sample and the standard sample. Specific methods: Put the standard ink in the upper left corner of the identification paper, and the color ink in the upper right corner, about one centimeter apart. Use a scraper to flatten the thin coating part at an angle almost perpendicular to the scraping paper and light the tilt angle. Force to expand the thick portion quickly.

After the surface of the ink is dried, the hue of the ink may be observed in a thin portion, and the hiding power and transparency of the ink may be identified in the black portion, and the difference in luster between the two may be judged in the thick portion and the appearance of the entire color may be observed. Normally black and color inks use white scratch paper, while white ink uses black scratch paper.

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