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The summer sun shines brightly, and every girl wants the skin to be so dazzling as the sun shines. However, the disappointing face has an annoying acne, and the beauty is greatly reduced. The big beauty who looks far away, but it looks like "tofu residue", what should I do?

Acne is like a hidden person. It always comes out of our skin and silently gives us a surprise. Romantic July, for college students who are in the summer vacation, it is a good time to date, play, how can make acne destroy your perfect image! Let's go, take action! Xiaobian gives strength to the move, and recommends 5 most effective acne products that you can't know, so that you can easily have perfect skin and be a confident summer beauty!

TOP1 French Ouquanlin Acne Series Set

Reasons for the list: clean the face, transparent pores, acne removal, every acne step is wonderful, from the source to prevent the formation of acne marks, pure natural plant skin care ingredients, can effectively solve acne, acne, cysts, Various skin problems such as rosacea and acne. Control oil and acne two hands, two-pronged. It can completely remove the blackheads, dirt and excess sebum in the pores, soften the thick keratin, and remove the stubborn aging keratin, make the skin hydrated and translucent. The moisturizing ingredients of pure natural plants are refreshed and not tight after use. Increases skin's brightness and leaves skin clear and white.

Netizen's hot comment: I have been using this. When the skin condition is not good, it will last for about a week. It has good anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects. When the skin condition turns better, it can be strengthened once a week. Because my skin is thin, I don't use it like a facial cleanser. I am used to washing my face and drying it, like applying a mask, let it stay on my face for three or five minutes, and then Washing gently will have a multiplier effect.

TOP2 Clinique like a new face mask

Reason for the list: This is a new 5-minute washable mask that combines physical and chemical cortex cleansing ingredients to give your skin a new look that is comparable to microdermabrasion, but without the risk of postoperative irritation. It completely improves skin condition by eliminating dullness, smoothing and minimizing fine lines and improving skin texture. Suitable for all skin types, whether you are oily, dry, or sensitive, you can get a good print, it is a very good choice.

Netizen's hot comment: This mask packaging, I was full of expectations before using it, after use, the effect is actually better than the imagination. Whether it is the usual care, or the first aid before the appointment, I have not let me down. Dear, really try it out.

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