Talking about: Half-tone four-color electric split points

1, the dark color on the front printing, lighter color on the back of the printing, due to the darker color of the ink hiding power, strong adhesion, printing in front of the first, easy to overprint accuracy, light color of the hiding power Weakness, it's not easy to observe the rules when it is superimposed on the back side. In other words, the effect of overprinting is also good.

2, sticker printing products are full version of the field, there are text, lines, patterns. Such as: wine boxes, pharmaceutical trademarks and other printed products, printing the color sequence is best to first print text, lines, patterns, and then put the full version on the ground after the T machine printing, so you can avoid due to the adhesive paper thickness, imprinted When the paper is dry, the papers collide with each other, and the back surface becomes dirty.

3, often in a printed product, there are halftone four-color electric points of the network, there are continuous adjustment patterns, text, lines, at this time, the electric four-color dot network should be printed first, which is conducive to overprint accuracy, reduce the paper's expansion Influences, and then print continuous text, lines, patterns, in order to identify the primary and secondary times in the printing sequence arrangement, the first difficult to be more appropriate.

4, the summer weather changes, and the rainy season, to control the temperature and humidity of the environment, affect the uneven moisture content of offset printing paper, wrinkling; bending, the upper jaw is not flat, before and after printing will be cut out Paper baskets and semi-finished products are tightly wrapped in plastic

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