4 makeup tips make the makeup more exquisite

Many girls have yellowish skin and are more taboo in the choice of make-up color. It is very important that the base makeup starts to create a fair complexion, and the color of eyeshadow and blush can also become lively and diverse. The following four makeup tips help make your makeup look more refined.

Delicate makeup

Delicate makeup

1. Select the cream to adjust the skin color.

Isolation options: Purple and blue creams are suitable for complexion, yellowish, slightly blemish complexion, which can restore yellowing to fair complexion. However, when using it, it is necessary to pay attention to the position of highlights to prevent the phenomenon of "masking".

2, the foundation of the study easily get rid of dark yellow

The choice of foundation: the best for yourself. When purchasing a foundation, first consider the different seasons, the occasions used, and the expected effects. Secondly, choose the foundation of the appropriate texture according to your skin type.

Yellow skin MM foundation selection skills: It is best to choose cosmetic liquids and liquid foundation containing pearlescent particles, because the dull skin is mainly caused by poor microcirculation and rough skin surface. To improve quickly, the first step is to build Bright, transparent skin, and secondly, for the color of the foundation, you must not pursue the whiteness indefinitely. The excessively white color will only make your makeup have a sense of mask! Be sure to choose the color that best fits your skin tone.

3, the secret of the blush yellow skin is also pink

The choice of blush is the "minefield" that Huangpi MM is most likely to accidentally step on. Isn't Huangpi MM cute and cute? Just choose the right color for blush, nothing is a problem! The following are some blush recommended for the yellow skin MM:

Orange Blush: The vibrant orange blush is the most suitable blush color for yellow skin. The taste of orange comes from nature, kindness and a little bit of reluctance. Haven't tasted it yet? Now let's order a blush of sweet orange!

Coral blush: Coral blush can give yellow skin vitality and healthy color. You can pat a little on the cheekbones or lightly on the cheekbones in a circular motion, which looks refreshing and brightens the complexion.

Pink pink blush: flesh pink is pink with skin tone, it is said that it is the most versatile color in the blush blush army? Because it has a complexion, it can be naturally blended into the skin, making pink no longer a patent for white skin!

4, choose the eye shadow color to create a deep scorpion

The choice of eye shadow is also one of the big problems of Huangpi MM. So, how should eye shadow be chosen?

Yellow eye shadow color mine area: blue, green, purple eye shadow is yellow skin MM must be far away, these are very easy to show dirty colors, especially blue and purple, abrupt attempts It may even bring "dust and dust".

Yellow eye is suitable for eye shadow color: yellow skin MM is the most suitable eye shadow is earth color ~ the most suitable for skin color, easy to create deep eye makeup!

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