Sephora's three beautiful skin care "worlds"

The experience from SEPHORA means freedom, excellence, emotion and boldness, and of course there is endless fun: in the open and modern SEPHORA shop, customers are free to explore a wide range of outstanding products, such as skin care. Beauty, bathing, body care and hair care and fragrances.

World of skin care products

Let the latest skin care products from around the world rejuvenate your body and mind. SEPHORA's flexible sales approach is very different from the traditional – her simple and open store style makes the product clear and unobstructed.

· Skin care areas are functionally classified, such as anti-aging, sunscreen or anti-acne care;

· The latest skin care products, including those previously only available at dermatologists, will be listed as skin care products.

· A wide range of spa based products, botanical products and body and mind conditioning products;

· Hair care products, including shampoos, conditioners and hair care products, will be categorized;

· The men's and children's areas also each have a complete line of skin care products;

· SEPHORA's brand new range of skin care, bath and body care products includes: amazing multi-functional skin care products, care products with food essences, and a wide range of bath products.

Tea and coffee are two drinks of the largest consumption in the world. Coffee is irreplaceable in the lives of westerners, whether it is in schools, companies or shopping arcade, people carry coffee and find pleasure in it. However, tea is not only a drink in Chinese people`s life, but also carries human emotions and culture. Tea and coffee, which have different connotation and history, are representative of the differences between Chinese and Western culture.    

The species and brewing methods of tea and coffee exists differences, too. To brew coffee, there are strict requirements from grinding coffee beans to implements as well as water temperature proportion. The brew will taste strong and aromatic.

Tea needs more complex process than coffee to brew. There are several species of tea including green tea, bohea, white tea, oolong tea, jasmine tea. Each type of tea processing is not the same. The Tea Set is also rich in variety. Different tea accompanied by different tea things so as to better reflect the flavor of the tea.

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Whether for a cup of tea or a pot of coffee, our range of teapots and cafetieres is perfect. From simple white jugs to copper milk pans, find just what you're looking for.

Coffee And Tea Set

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