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Along with the success of the 2013 Hengshui Lake International Marathon, the beautiful lake scene in the event left a deep impression on the observers. Hengshui Lake is the largest freshwater lake in North China. It has many good reputations such as “the most beautiful wetland in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei”, “the first lake in Beijing” and “the green pearl in North China”. The beautiful Hengshui Lake and Hengshui Longyuan International Hotel are the key reception units for this marathon event. With the professional and high-quality service capabilities, they have completed this reception task perfectly and become another highlight of this marathon competition. .

Million to build a luxury five-star hotel

Hengshui Longyuan International Hotel is a travel and vacation destination for Hebei Jingxin Chemical Co., Ltd.. “Let Hengshui citizens not go east and west, and find a comfortable place for vacation in Hengshui. The whole family can have fun. , eat.” This original intention laid the quality of Hengshui Longyuan International Hotel.

Hengshui Longyuan International Hotel cooperates with Jinjiang Group and builds a luxury five-star standard to introduce advanced management concepts and management models. Hengshui Longyuan International Hotel insider told reporters that according to the design, Hengshui Longyuan International Hotel gathers hotels, entertainment, shopping, specialties, performing arts, conference reception, and the characteristics of Hengshui Lake wetland landscape experience in one, to create a one-stop High-end holiday mode.

For this project, Hengshui City is also full of hope and hope. Along with the development of the “Hengshuihu” tourism train project, Hengshui City is committed to building a tourism and holiday economy and increasing support for tourism projects. For example, the annual key marathon project places the reception center on Longyuan International, which is well promoted and promoted. Hengshui tourism reception capacity and service level.

Ultra-luxury five-star hotel layout tourism real estate

For the tourism market, Longyuan International's "appetite" is more than this. Longyuan International plans to invest hundreds of billions of yuan in investment and tourism projects.

China’s tourism economy, especially Beijing-Tianjin tourism, is shifting from sightseeing tourism to leisure and vacation. This time, the high-priced layout of a hundred million yuan is called “luxury five-star” Hengshui Longyuan International Hotel project, which is also a tourism for the future. The market is still in a period of high growth. “In the future, Longyuan International Hotel will increase investment in the business tourism sector, with an investment scale of up to RMB 100 billion. Investment projects include tourism and real estate, combined with pensions, health, and business.”

“Intensifying investment in tourism and commercial fields is mainly to comply with the changes that are taking place in the Chinese business community. For example, with the increase in income, people want more experiential consumption, and the demand for tourism education and consumption is gradually increasing. The hotel will adapt to these changes." In response, Longyuan International Hotel said.

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