The wardrobe is far more environmentally friendly than "formaldehyde does not exceed the standard"

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] In recent years, the development speed of the wardrobe industry has grown by leaps and bounds, but due to the imperfect market supervision, the industry order is still chaotic. Some small workshop-style "factory" and family-style "factory" do not have the qualification to produce special products such as wardrobes. They produce inferior wardrobe products by cutting corners and shoddy, so that a large amount of toxic and harmful materials are mixed into them. The ground damages the rights of consumers.

Health and Environmental Protection

The environmental protection of the wardrobe is far more than "formaldehyde does not exceed the standard"

In fact, according to relevant reports, many wardrobes that are known as “environmental protection” actually do not meet environmental standards. The environmental protection of the wardrobe is a comprehensive concept, far from being a "formaldehyde is not exceeded", and there are many other factors that affect the environmental performance of the wardrobe.

There are some cheap wardrobes on the market that are tempting for consumers. However, most of these cheap wardrobes are made of inferior materials, so it is easy to have excessive formaldehyde. The quality of the wardrobe depends largely on the quality of the materials. The wardrobes produced by small factories are cheap, except for the simple processing equipment (some small factories can't even talk about equipment), the most important thing is that the cost of the board is cheap. For example, the price of an imported high-quality plate is several times the price of a poor quality plate, and some even dozens of times. In order to reduce costs and make maximum profits, many workshop-style small factories use inferior sheet processing, which not only damages the rights and interests of consumers, but also seriously affects the healthy development of the entire wardrobe industry.

The hardware on the closet can be said to be one of the most important components of the overall wardrobe . It directly affects the overall quality of the wardrobe. Based on the development experience of the foreign overall wardrobe, the quality of the hardware has become an important symbol to distinguish the quality of the wardrobe. However, domestic wardrobe manufacturers still lack attention in this regard. In fact, the door of the closet has to be switched thousands of times thousands of times. It is difficult to achieve this standard in domestic hinges. Therefore, consumers must be willing to spend money on this point when customizing the wardrobe.

At present, most of the domestically produced wardrobes use domestic hardware accessories, mainly to reduce costs and win customers at a lower price. And some regular branded wardrobes will clearly indicate the brand of hardware accessories used, or mark the price of different grades, so that consumers have a choice, this is worthy of other companies to follow.

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