How to make used furniture easy to handle and high utilization rate

“In the second half of this year, many “transitional households” renting in the community moved into the newly built resettlement community. Living in a new house means adding new furniture, so many discarded furniture is discarded near the trash can. Taking up the place and affecting the beauty." Mr. Feng, who lives in a residential area in the north of the city, told reporters that how to deal with waste furniture has become a problem that bothers everyone...

The reporter recently visited a number of waste materials recycling units in the city, and contacted some of the waste materials recycling and reuse units, found that in addition to a small number of wooden furniture with collectible value, most of the furniture is considered by the industry as "it is difficult to have a whole Reuse value." Even if it is recycled, the price given is very low.

“It’s difficult to dispose of used furniture, mainly because the recycling industry system is still not perfect...” The head of a waste material recycling company said that these furniture are not worthless, but under the current conditions, the recycling cost is higher. The value of reusing them is very limited. Therefore, practitioners in various aspects such as recycling, transportation, handling, and reuse do not have much enthusiasm for these furniture. The person in charge believes that waste furniture can “turn waste into treasure”. The key is to mobilize the enthusiasm of the participants in the recycling industry system and make the whole system virtuous.

The public has no choice but to sell a table and six chairs for 30 yuan.

A glass countertop dining table with six metal frames and fabric-covered seats. What would you spend if you buy such a restaurant furniture at a furniture store?

The reporter visited some of the furniture stores in the south of the city and the west of the city with the above problems, and found that the price of the merchants was between 880 yuan and 2700 yuan. However, the citizen Su Jie took the 80% new furniture in his home and went to a junk market in the west of the city. The quotation given by the recycler made him quite surprised - 20 yuan. "I only spent more than a year, because I have to move a new house, and I have customized the table, so I just want to sell them. I guess I can sell at least one or two hundred pieces at a time. I didn't expect (quote) so low... ”

After some bargaining, a shop that recycles old doors and windows finally purchased Su Jie's furniture for 30 yuan. "Mainly (considering) he pulled the things in the car, I was willing to accept, or we have to hire a car to go to the door, the freight is not enough." Mr. Cao, the head of the shop, pointed to Su Jie's table and The seat said that the glass table was completely useless to us, that is, the metal frame of the table and the seat had some recycling value.

When asked by reporters, why not consider selling the dining table and seats in the form of old furniture? The answer was: "I have received similar furniture before, and I have considered the whole sale. I didn't expect anyone to ask for it. It has been piled up in the store for more than two years, which is very popular..."

In the interview, the reporter found that the respondents generally believed that it was not easy to deal with the waste furniture in the home. If sold to the recycler, the economic return is very limited.

"Remember that in the 1980s and 1990s, several old bookcases and old wardrobes of our family were given to relatives. At that time, furniture was still flowing between relatives and friends. Now people's income and concepts have changed a lot. For old furniture, even if you want to give away people, it is very difficult." In the flea market, 63-year-old citizen Zhang Longkang told reporters that he is about to move into a new house. Now the sofa, wardrobe and TV cabinet in the home are customized according to the size and structure of the room. If you move over, you can't continue to use it. "This time I came to the flea market and asked several shops. These old furniture add up to sell more than 200 pieces... I decided not to sell them, I left them in the room, and the people who rented them might be willing to continue. use."

Market status recycling merchants are hard to be passionate about used furniture

During the visit, the reporter found that most of the shops engaged in the recycling business are cautious about the waste furniture. Not only do they repeatedly ask for styles and details, but they even hesitate to arrange the staff to go to the door. What are the reasons?

"We have to accept it, we must also consider how to deal with it. If the furniture is not good, or the style is not recognized by people, it is easy to 'get it in your hand'..." The person in charge of a waste recycling shop in the city of East City told the reporter His experience.

In April last year, a landlord who lived nearby told him that he had ten double beds in his house and bought them in the same batch, and wanted to sell them together. "I thought that these beds were taken back, and they could be sold to some people who temporarily rented units without having to dismantle them. These renters could buy practical furniture at a lower price, and they were all beautiful..." People said that after checking the real thing at the door, he bought 9 beds at a price of 45 yuan per bed, removed the fraction and gave the landlord 400 yuan.

“Afterwards, some people came to my shop to buy a bed, but they almost gave up after seeing the physical style. The reason was that the connection between the bed and the bed was too thin, and the overall traces of the old ones were obvious. They were worried. It is easy to damage..." He said that more than a year has passed, and only two beds have been sold. The rest can only be used to occupy the place, and finally sold to the people who collect the old wood. 8 yuan.

Compared with used furniture, the enthusiasm of the operators for used household appliances is significantly higher, because the latter "has a wider way out."

Master Ge, who is engaged in the recycling of used furniture and household appliances in the west and south of the city, told reporters that he usually waited at the door of some communities on a bicycle or a human tricycle. The public saw the words “receiving old furniture” on the sign in front of his car. I will take the initiative to ask, and some will also record his phone number.

"For those of our mobile recyclers, we buy things from the public and then sell them to recycling stores to earn some price difference, so we must consider whether it is good or not." Master Ge said that recycling used household appliances is more expensive than recycling. Furniture should be "reliable" much - some old appliances don't need to be repaired, some even have some faults. If they are repaired, they can flow to the second-hand market. Even if they are not repaired, they can be sold to recycling stores. After disassembly, parts and materials are still available. useful. However, used furniture is different, and even those who can continue to use it are difficult to find the "home" through the second-hand market.

After searching for about half of the used furniture, it was dismantled and sold.

At the gate of a city in the south of the city, Ms. Yang sold a 21-inch color TV set in her home to Master Ge, and got 50 yuan.

"I also feel very strange. This TV was bought in 2000. Now there is a fault. After the boot, it has been blue screen and can sell for 50 yuan. The set of TV cabinets at home is bought in 2008. There is no Faults, the appearance is quite new, sold to Master Ge only get 25 yuan." Ms. Yang said that the same is the old goods, the "worth" of home appliances and furniture actually has such a clear difference, which also makes her feel the place to go doubt.

With the doubts of Ms. Yang, the reporter followed some mobile recyclers and recycle shop operators to understand the whereabouts of used furniture.

"The scrap furniture they sent, in general, some use value..." In the old goods market in the west of the city, Mr. Deng, who is engaged in the recycling of used furniture, said that the old furniture that has no problem in appearance and structure has been scrubbed. After a simple process, it can be sold in the form of second-hand furniture. “From the perspective of the composition of customers, they are basically temporary renters, or people who are engaged in small business, where they can spend very little money to buy practical furniture.” However, Mr. Deng also stressed A large part of the old furniture that was recycled, even if it is good in color, it is difficult to guarantee a smooth sale, "have to take chance." In the above-mentioned junk market, the reporter saw that some shop staff dismantled the recycled used furniture. "These furniture can't be sold and can't be used. We take it apart and classify wood, metal, plastic, etc." One interviewed staff said that about half of the scrap furniture they received would be After being dismantled, it will be sold. “But it’s not only time-consuming and laborious, but it’s also difficult to sell the right price, plus shipping costs, and basically nothing to earn.”

The reporter contacted some local and foreign parts for recycling and recycling of used materials. The relevant person in charge said frankly that after the dismantling of used furniture, the cost of recycling and reusing related materials is relatively high. “For used furniture, the materials, styles, and old and new levels are mostly uneven. It is very difficult to screen out useful things. There are a lot of items that cannot be reused, and environmental treatment is needed. The cost will rise further.” Some of the person in charge of the interview said.

The industry is looking forward to building a recycling system or trade-in

“After the dismantling of used furniture, the so-called “useless” materials can be reused, but the recycling and recycling system has not been established and improved, making the whole process costly.” A responsible person of a waste material recycling enterprise in a foreign country told The reporter took the wood obtained after dismantling the used furniture as an example. After appropriate screening and processing procedures, wood fiber and other materials can be obtained, and later, it can also be used for making particle board and fiberboard.

From this point of view, if the treatment of used furniture is no longer a problem that plagues the public, a sound industrial system is indispensable.

The reporter learned that on the basis of the pilot in 2012, Beijing will continue to carry out furniture trade-in work this year. From July 1 to the end of the year, purchasers who purchase new furniture and pay for old furniture within the scope of subsidies for furniture sales enterprises can enjoy The new subsidy for the old purchase will be paid, and the purchaser will pay the new subsidy for the old one in accordance with 10% of the actual sales price of the new furniture. The maximum amount of subsidy for a single piece of furniture does not exceed 1,000 yuan. It is understood that furniture replacement products include cabinets, sofas, beds, tables and chairs, 4 types of furniture (movable furniture only).

For the “going place” of old furniture that people are generally concerned about, the “2013 Beijing Old-style Furniture Replacement Implementation Measures” stipulates that: the old furniture recycled by the sales enterprise should be handed over to the old furniture dismantling and dismantling enterprises for dismantling, and the old furniture dismantling and processing enterprises. Can enjoy the old furniture dismantling treatment subsidies. In addition, the old furniture dismantling and processing enterprises will re-use the reusable dismantled materials into legal recycling enterprises to realize resource recycling and utilization; the waste-to-environmental sanitation department with no use value collects and treats; The unit of the license is collected and processed.

The recycling of old furniture reflects the principle of “convenient consumption, direct subsidy, centralized treatment, and resource utilization”, and has received extensive attention from outside the industry. The reporter interviewed some furniture stores, waste furniture recycling operators, and citizens in this city. Most of the respondents said that this move will help promote the development of the furniture recycling system.

“This kind of trade-in has provided people with a good choice for handling old furniture.” Jiang Yifang, who works in a joint venture in the city, said that he hopes that relevant departments, furniture companies, recycling companies, etc. can be scrapped. The field of furniture recycling actively explores and establishes and perfects the recycling industry system, so that it can make the relevant materials more fully utilized while facilitating the public.

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