Xerox introduces the iGen3 110 digital press

Recently, Fuji Xerox introduced the iGen3 110 digital press, which has brought printing speed and productivity to new heights, giving printers more flexible printing solutions and expanding their range of printing services.

The new digital press is based on the iGen3 technology. The printing speed is increased by 10% to 20%. The printing speed of the standard (8.5" x 11") paper is 110 sheets/min. The printing speed of the smaller paper is Increased to 120 shots/minute.

John Green, president of Automated Graphics Systems and former chairman of the American Printing Industry Association (PIA), said: "Xerox has the world's most advanced digital printing technology, and now they are on the basis of the original one step. We have been introducing the iGen3 press for more than a year now and the company’s turnover has risen in a straight line.”

The Xerox iGen3 110 digital press has superior image printing quality and a much higher production capacity than iGen3. It can provide customers with books, personalized sales materials and advertising printing. Since iGen3 was launched in 2002, the number of prints worldwide has exceeded 1 billion, and over 30 companies have printed more than 1 million copies per month.

Quincy Allen, President of Xerox's Production Systems Group, said: “The introduction of the iGen 3 110 is inseparable from our hard work. We help customers use advanced digital printing technology to increase productivity and gain more profits. iGen3 Digital Presses Bringing a technological revolution to the printing industry, customers can use it to expand their customer base and increase printing volume and profits. Our commitment is to continuously update technology and create more business opportunities for our customers."

The iGen3 110 adds Xerox's SmartSize software, which automatically adjusts the printing speed according to the size of the paper. In other words, the use of this intelligent software allows the printer to place multiple sheets of paper in the imaging area at one time, greatly improving the printing efficiency. For example, a customer can use it to print a business card (multiple business cards) and a 6” x 9” book block with a print speed of 90 sheets per minute (180 pages per minute), and iGen3 printing. Speed ​​is only 50/min.

The iGen3 110 Digital Press can also be used to print larger and heavier paper substrates with strong paper handling capabilities. It can be used to print oversized paper (14.33" x 22.5", from 80 The lb. book block up to 130 lb. can be printed with it. The scope of printing has expanded the range of printers' print services (including book covers and large format advertisements).

The iGen3 110 digital press is now available in North America, Europe and Latin America. The US quoted at $580,000, and the original iGen3 will be replaced by iGen3 110 on April 1. Currently, iGen3 customers can pay $20,000 for upgrades.

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