Sack special circular loom

Patent name: Special patented circular loom for sacks Patent applicant Shanghai Qiangxin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address 200011 Room 102, No. 787, Manufacturing Bureau Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China Inventor Lin Houpu Application (Patent) No. 200420022830.6 Application Date 2004.05.18 Certification Date Auditing Announcement No. 2740631 Auditing Announcement Date 2005.11.16 Manual CD-ROM D0546 Main Classification No. D03D37/00 Classification No. D03D37/00 Sub-division Original Application No. Priority Item Summary A circular special loom for sacks, including left and right creels, left , Right warp conveying device, main machine, coiling device and coiling device, which is characterized in that the diameter of the large disc of the four shuttle circular loom is increased, so that the distance between adjacent twine is increased by 1.5 to 2 times. While the number of yarns is constant, the exposed fibers of the sacks are not entangled with each other; on the large disk of the host, there are upper porcelain eye frames and lower porcelain eye frames. The upper porcelain eye frame is a square steel plate, and several rows of holes are drilled in the steel plate, the upper and lower rows of holes are arranged in a staggered manner, ceramic eyes are embedded in the holes, and bonded with glue; the lower porcelain eyes The frame is connected at both ends with connecting shafts and flat steel racks with adjustable angles, and is fastened with screws. The mounting holes of the flat steel frame are connected to the main frame. The middle steel plate is drilled in a "W" shape. The holes are also inlaid with porcelain eyes in the holes and glued with glue. Sovereignty item 1. A special circular loom for sacks, comprising left and right creel stands, left and right warp conveying devices, a main machine, a take-up device, and a cloth winding device, which are characterized by: a large circular disc of four-bobbin circular loom Increasing the diameter increases the distance between adjacent twines by 1.5 to 2 times, while the number of yarns remains unchanged, so that the exposed fibers of the sacks are not entangled with each other; There are porcelain eye frames and under porcelain eye frames. International Application International Publication Entering Country Date Patent Agency Shanghai East Asia Patent & Trademark Agency Co., Ltd. Agency Address Chen Shude

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