DOW launches multi-purpose copolymer

The Dow Chemical Company (DOW) exhibited a new family of functionalized polyolefins, AMPLIFY® functional polymers and VERSIFY® plastomers and elastomers. Among them, VERSIFY® plastomer and elastomer is a multi-purpose special polypropylene-polyethylene copolymer. This polymer has better optics, tightness and tackiness, elasticity, flexibility and flexibility and is specially produced for various packaging manufacturers, thermoplastic elastomers and olefin producers, and processors of the consumer product market.

VERSIFY® plastomers and elastomers are new products that are processed using the newly developed catalyst combined with Dow INSITE® technology and solution processing. The INSITE® technology allows Dow to produce polymers based on customer requirements. The solution process has traditionally been used only for polyvinyl but not polypropylene based products. This new product represents a new generation of polymerization produced by a completely new technology platform. Things. The molecular structure of the polymer is unique. It is this unique structure that makes the new polymer different from traditional Ziegler-Natta catalyst bases and metallocene catalyst-based propylene copolymers. The narrow molecular weight distribution and wide crystallinity distribution of the new product form a better temperature adaptability than similar metallocene products. The wide crystallinity distribution produces a broad melting temperature distribution; even when the overall crystallinity of the polymer is reduced, a wide meltability can be maintained.

Information Source: Packaging and Latitude

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